Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lynchburg VA : Brittany and Chris: Mountain View Wedding

Lynchburg VA Wedding | Quaint Church Wedding | Mountain View Wedding
Walking up the stairs in the historic home of a family friend, I could hear the creak of old wood and the melody that is Brittany's laugh.  She was upstairs prepping herself for her wedding day.  Hair done and make up all but finished as her dress was zipped. 
Brittany's first question, "Have you seen Chris?!"  This was going to be the longest time they had spent apart in a long time and Brittany was all but jumping at the chance to see Chris.  As the moments ticked away closer to the wedding you could see her picking up her phone to check the time and take a peek to see if there was any word from Chris.
It was such a joy to be there with Chris and Brittany on their wedding day and I am ever grateful for that honor!

I just love how overjoyed Brittany's mom looks after seeing her beautiful daughter!

Just moments before Brittany whipped out her personal vows to Chris to make sure she had them all perfect!
Brittany: seriously?!

After all the searching to find the perfect church and they found just what they were looking for!

The view of the mountains was beautiful but all Chris had eyes for was his stunning wife!

An adorable touch at their reception: they personalized everyone's glasses for the night which also served as the favor!
Guest book?  Why when you can have a beautiful hunk of Cedar?!
I have to give a round of applause to Brittany and her family for making each and ever decoration for their reception, it turned out beautiful.

What mountain wedding isn't complete without a lavender toss?


To Brittany and Chris: 
Your love is contagious and it was amazing to be able to document the start of your amazing new life together!  Thank you for that honor.
And if you haven't had enough photos take a peak at this slide show:

Live. Love. Loud.

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