Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things I didn't know:

What you eat can crazy affect your baby if you're breast feeding.  I mean I knew it could but not to the degree it does.

I'm unfortunately Dairy and Gluten free for this exact reason.  I wish I was awesome enough to just do this for health reasons or because Oprah told me to but let's face it I'd eat a tub of ice cream (not one of those cute personalized pints, don't kid yourself Jerry... they aren't 4 servings) in one sitting no problem and I'll crush bread sticks when I'm allowed.  Beneficially for my health my dear daughter can't seem to handle them... or we can't handle her trying to handle them might be more accurate.

And the more I look around the more common it seems to be.  Thankfully I have a fellow sufferer/fellow photog and I've determined new BFF Christi to help carry the burden with me (Check her out she is great!).

That said: Luna dear please don't get allergic to anything else or mommy won't be able to eat!

So any of you out there who have taken on the challenge that is Gluten and Dairy free for your health I bow before your determination!

PS: why does Buckwheat bake grey??  It is very disconcerting... just saying

Live. Love. Loud.

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