Thursday, October 2, 2014

Warts and all: Goals

There are times that I kind of feel my eye twitching... you know what I mean?  Or am I the only one out there that gets this feeling of both utter frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed... almost like a drowning sensation (yes,  I can testify to this...long story for another time)?

Cause legit: I feel this way sometimes. I mean I love my life.  I am in love with my husband, annoying trates and all, I have a wonderful new daughter, all be it so much work but I just swoon with her laugh, and a job I love... yet there are some days when the house work, to do lists and having to grocery shopping once again that just make me want to throw my hands up, flop on the couch and some how at the same time punch something... 

This photo is pretty much what I look like today...
(photo thanks to Dambreaker)

I know TMI but I promised myself I'd be real with whomever takes the time to read my thoughts... so alas you are stuck with this today.  
This is me today: warts and all. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed... I would just like to be whelmed!  I feel like this isnt' too much to ask?

So in an effort of controlling my crazy self: I write out my goals for this month cause darn tootin if I'm going to fail a second month in a row (see Sept goals to see my fails).

Old/September goals
  • Do some physical activity each day
  • Document the introduce our daughter to our extended family (ie=don't forget to pack the camera)
  • Make the time to go on a date with Chris
  • Keep house straightened and cleaned... to a degree of normalcy
  • Fix books (I'm a bit OCD and they need to be organized better)

  • Prep equipment for fall weddings
  • Ask previous clients to write reviews
  • Update website portfolio
  • Go meet up with another photographer/attend meeting
  • Order up to date product


  • Luna's 3 month shoot
  • Continue physical activity
  • Start/try meal planning 
  • Go camping for the first time since 6 years old


  • Get photos to clients in under 6 weeks
  • Look over and budget next equipment purchase
  • Attend meeting with photographer(s)
  • Do Social media of some kind at least 5 days a week
  • Instagram at least 1 per week

With a deep sigh of relief for having them written out as well as the decaf PSL I made myself I feel like a new woman... or at least a step in that direction!

What will you do to help your crazy life step a little closer to your dreams this month??

Live. Love. Loud.

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