Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is understated and amazing.  No the food isn't understated... it is mass and could probably feed a small country, or that could just be my family.  But it is understated in how it is overlooked by marketing.  Sure the grocery stores have their fill of the day but there isn't mass decor or commercials all over the place or endless things to do other than food and family.

For those who love this holiday: embrace its disregard by stores and the way they jump straight to Christmas.  It is a part of what makes Thanksgiving, well Thanksgiving.  If forces the holiday to be smaller, intimate in a way.   The focus is on family, whatever that might look like and hopefully a time to smile at all the blessings of the past and hope for the future.

So here is to the Thanksgiving to come being overlooked and keep this amazing holiday exactly as it is!

Happy Turkey Day!

May today you recall every blessing you have been given in the last 12 months and with a deep breath enjoy the beauty that is fall!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Simple, Rager, you name it...

My wedding was small.  Like could have been and elopement and the guest list wouldn't have changed much.  So my bridal party included my only sister by birth and as a result my bachlorette party was not the rager it could have been (Read endless cookie dough, ice cream and a Friends Marathon) but it worked.

If you are not the eat sugar till you're sick and wish that Chandler was a real person kind of gal or even if you are and you want it to have more flair then eating ice cream straight out the container, then have I got the site for you!

The Bach is exactly as it sounds: a site devoted to helping plan your dream bachelorette party.  It takes all the complication away and helps with ideas, articles and quick how to's... you name it.  Think of it as the pinterest dedicated to all things bachelorette!

Don't take my word for it though.  If you/your maid/maitron of honor wants to have perfection with ease take a peak and see if this might not be a great solution for your needs.

Website designed to help plan the perfect bachlorette party

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

To the man of my dreams... and my reality

There are not many people in my life that I'm lost for... the list is short and you're at the top.  I'm overjoyed that God brought you in my life.  I'm in awe that over 6 years have passed since we said "I do".  I would say those words over and start this whole process over again if given the choice.  Though you drive me insane with your way of thinking it is also what I love about you= you're not me and you bring out the best in me.

Thank you for your constant support in my efforts to drive after my dreams. Thank you for our amazing daughter and for our wonderful life.  You are my husband, my best friend and the person I love doing life with, working along side and laughing at our success and failures.

Today is your birthday and I'm ever so glad you were born.  I love you my darling exception!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1, 2, 3! Luna's 3 months Session!

Now that Luna is 4 months old I can share with you her 3 month pictures.  I know, I had to keep you in suspense... or more accurately I just got around to my personal pictures from last month: which ever you prefer to believe.

My mother saved outfits of from when I was a baby and I had the joy of using them with Luna and her 3 month pictures!

It is crazy how fast babies grow.  Yes, I know all babies grow quickly but to be honest: I never really paid attention to other babies.  I was never the baby/kid person.  All my sister's life she has dreamed of being a mother... all mine I dreamed of shoes.

But wonderfully I have this beautiful daughter, I don't care if you disagree: that's the beauty of hormones, and I'm head over heels for her (read: I'm not crazy lady over babies... just my baby :)

So for those of you who haven't met your fill of baby pictures on your feed on Facebook here's a few of my cutie:

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tail kicked, nog ish and other silliness

Life likes to kick your tail at times!  I feel like I've been treading water for the last month only with each week that passed I lost a limb... so it was kind of like drowning towards the end.

How do you make life work?

I am struggling with getting it all done to be frank.  I love my job, my family and my life but I feel like I'm slowly being crushed by a really large rock only it turns out it is a mountain.

Figured I'd share a "derp" photo from Luna's 3 month session! :D

The easy answer is to stop doing something but I'm at a lack for what.  I'm a bit of a control freak (insert chorus of fake outrage... cause let's face it we all knew that kernel of truth) and that doesn't help the issue.

I write to do lists and lists and lists but with each item I cross off 4 seem to take it's place.  When I delegate parts of my business out and finally feel like they are going to be handled by professionals I seem to end up worse off... and the silly thing is I get references!  You'd think that would work lol...

That's enough of all of that.  Deep breath. "This too shall pass"  I know I believe in a God who is in control and knows best but damn shootin' if I don't act like that ain't the truth.  Here's to throwing my cares on God, whose broad shoulders can handle it.  Sounds simple right?  Somehow that simple truth seems to elude me on a daily basis.

But on the up and up: EGG NOG!  I know "Ewww" I can't help myself.  Maybe it is the deviant in me that only wants what I can't have (for large chunks of the year) but I sure do love it... even if it has to be dairy free (I love my daughter...I love my daughter...I love my daughter...I love my daughter...#mantra).

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hillsborough NC: Erik and Melissa: Occoneechee Mountain Engagement

I LOVE love stories.  It is always fun to hear how couples found each other.  More and more recently I have heard wonderful love stories that started out online.  A bride and groom from last year met on Facebook!

But this couple takes the cake for interesting ways to meet online.  You ready for it?  They met on W.O.W.  For those of you not married to gaming aficionado that means the game World of Warcraft.  It is a super popular (massively multiplayer) online game.  So in all reality: their animated selves eyes met from across the tavern!  

What a neat way to met: you know both of you have a hobby in common right of the bat!  Though their story starts off online it moved to in person and that's what got us here today.

He admired her game play but couldn't stop from staring once he saw here eyes and smile!  She couldn't get enough of his charm and the way he seemed to delight in making her laugh.  They are a pair!  Both are having a blast planning their wedding.  No joke he was telling me all about all the details with ease and laughter!

I swear the whole time Erik was trying to make Melissa crack up.  It was adorable to watch.

What a smile

I just love how peaceful he looks!

So here is to unique couples with amazing love stories all over but more specifically: here is Erik and Melissa!  I am extremely excited to shoot your wedding this coming April and I am superbly blessed to be given the honor!

Thanks again for taking a day to hike, laugh and spend some time with us (Chris, Luna and me)!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

EEEK= my life currently

So you know that feeling of complete exhaustion?  Yea... that's been me.  The list of "to do's" has been so long and the time to do them has been so limited that it seemed only logical to cut out sleep right?  No!  No is the not what you should cut but alas it seems to be the only solution at the moment so I feel like...

(photo thanks to

What are all your tricks you use to make your life work?  PLEASE educate me!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That time of month...

Monthly Goals | Making Dreams Come True | Durham Wedding Photography
It is an interesting change in pace.  Time still goes by quickly as it always has but now I get to have a visual as it changes: Luna!  With each to do list crossed and written I get to see my darling figure out her hands, feed to grab anything in sight... it is a nice change to just seeing the months go by :D

So here it is again: Goals for November... Here's to making your dream comes true one to do list at a time!

Old October Goals

  • Luna's 3 month shoot
  • Continue physical activity
  • Start/try meal planning 
  • Go camping for the first time since 6 years old


  • Get photos to clients in under 6 weeks
  • Look over and budget next equipment purchase
  • Attend meeting with photographer(s)
  • Do Social media of some kind at least 5 days a week
  • Instagram at least 1 per week

November Goals!!
  • Go on a date with Chris
  • Keep house straightened
  • Decorate for Christmas! (Yes, I'm Christmas Crazy)
  • Pack for Trip to Cayman's 
  • Post Luna's 3 Month pictures :D

  • Create Investment PDF
  • Update Mobile site
  • Tweak Packages
  • Send out Referral Program for "New" Past couples
  • Streamline Editing process
  • Clean out Camera bag

What are your goals for November?

Live. Love. Loud.