Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hillsborough NC: Erik and Melissa: Occoneechee Mountain Engagement

I LOVE love stories.  It is always fun to hear how couples found each other.  More and more recently I have heard wonderful love stories that started out online.  A bride and groom from last year met on Facebook!

But this couple takes the cake for interesting ways to meet online.  You ready for it?  They met on W.O.W.  For those of you not married to gaming aficionado that means the game World of Warcraft.  It is a super popular (massively multiplayer) online game.  So in all reality: their animated selves eyes met from across the tavern!  

What a neat way to met: you know both of you have a hobby in common right of the bat!  Though their story starts off online it moved to in person and that's what got us here today.

He admired her game play but couldn't stop from staring once he saw here eyes and smile!  She couldn't get enough of his charm and the way he seemed to delight in making her laugh.  They are a pair!  Both are having a blast planning their wedding.  No joke he was telling me all about all the details with ease and laughter!

I swear the whole time Erik was trying to make Melissa crack up.  It was adorable to watch.

What a smile

I just love how peaceful he looks!

So here is to unique couples with amazing love stories all over but more specifically: here is Erik and Melissa!  I am extremely excited to shoot your wedding this coming April and I am superbly blessed to be given the honor!

Thanks again for taking a day to hike, laugh and spend some time with us (Chris, Luna and me)!

Live. Love. Loud.

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  1. Those pics came out amazing. The chemistry between you 2. I cant wait to see you in April and finally meet Erik. Make it another WoW wedding like Paul and me :P