Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tail kicked, nog ish and other silliness

Life likes to kick your tail at times!  I feel like I've been treading water for the last month only with each week that passed I lost a limb... so it was kind of like drowning towards the end.

How do you make life work?

I am struggling with getting it all done to be frank.  I love my job, my family and my life but I feel like I'm slowly being crushed by a really large rock only it turns out it is a mountain.

Figured I'd share a "derp" photo from Luna's 3 month session! :D

The easy answer is to stop doing something but I'm at a lack for what.  I'm a bit of a control freak (insert chorus of fake outrage... cause let's face it we all knew that kernel of truth) and that doesn't help the issue.

I write to do lists and lists and lists but with each item I cross off 4 seem to take it's place.  When I delegate parts of my business out and finally feel like they are going to be handled by professionals I seem to end up worse off... and the silly thing is I get references!  You'd think that would work lol...

That's enough of all of that.  Deep breath. "This too shall pass"  I know I believe in a God who is in control and knows best but damn shootin' if I don't act like that ain't the truth.  Here's to throwing my cares on God, whose broad shoulders can handle it.  Sounds simple right?  Somehow that simple truth seems to elude me on a daily basis.

But on the up and up: EGG NOG!  I know "Ewww" I can't help myself.  Maybe it is the deviant in me that only wants what I can't have (for large chunks of the year) but I sure do love it... even if it has to be dairy free (I love my daughter...I love my daughter...I love my daughter...I love my daughter...#mantra).

Live. Love. Loud.

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