Thursday, December 11, 2014

Customization, websites and Weddings!

For anyone like me who likes to avoid phone calls, paper product and any other complication, there is a new tradition for having wedding websites... ok so not so new but some aspects are:  Instead of sending invites, passing photos around... you name it  :D

There are many wedding websites.  Many options from the popular sites you've seen before but none quite look as aesthetic as SquareSpace.  Along with its simple, straightforward look it has great options for customization!  You can have your guest RSVP, submit their mailing address and connect with other guests... you name it!

So if you're looking for a unique and clean look... or I guess it could look however you'd like it cause it is completely customizable!

Check it out and see what you think!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

As Luna Grows...

I have all these thoughts and intentions of sharing different funny aspects of life with you all but by the time the day has ended and I have the possibility to type to my heart's content (so long as I'm willing to cut back on some sleep) the words leave me.  The day with Luna, work and keeping up the day to day and I get lost in the shuffle.

Funny stories of things and how I thought they would be verses reality.  I swear when I think of them they are funny, poignant and often self deprecating in a light and real way.  

I love my daughter, more than I ever thought I would.  But at times it would be nice to have a day of me... I mean she isn't that much work so much as it is I have to work around her schedule.  I get 4 min here or 12 min there but you can't sit down, or I guess I don't/can't, and read a book and enjoy it with a 4 min slot.  It's hard to wash dishes, or get much done in 4 min.  

I want to spoil myself and just slowly walk the aisles of the local grocery store... not having to think of nap time or when she ate or was changed.  Just walk... slowly browsing.  Not even with the intention of buying half of what I look over.  Just to be.  

But then my daughter wakes up, putting my work on hold, and at times I get perturbed... then she smiles and I melt.  It isn't her fault she needs me or has to eat so often or any of it.

And she has come so far.  From her early 3 hour cycle of doom to now when she is sitting on her own and babbling away.  It is a miracle that is set up for my personal viewing.  People say that having a baby changes you but you have no idea that the reality could be so true.

I always felt like it was a real jerk thing to say, "well wait till you have kids" and in a way it still can be, but for me personally I am extremely different then I was before Luna blessed my life... with all her throw up, poop and smiles.

And it isn't just the silly stuff like you'd think you could feel/realize when you have spit up running down your body, or you'd care that you some how have someone else's poop on your leg but it is even down to my priorities and my passion and... well a lot of things.  I mean I'm still sarcastic, still in love with shoes and photography and enjoy talking about all things not baby (no really... it is super nice to talk about pretty much anything else... save for maybe football... I have nothing to say.  The ball looks like a lemon... come'on!).

So if you are like I was unsure of whether the selfless nature of children should be something you volunteer for know that if it is thrown out there you will adapt and not mind (got to love those hormones... save for what's the deal with loosing my keys and forgetting EVERYTHING??).

So here are my ramblings in a confession sort of way...

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Loyalties, Love and Brands

Everyone has their loyalties.  I'm not talking of family, friends or country.  I'm talking brands.  You won't find my brother drinking Diet Pepsi.  You won't see my husband eating off brand chex mix.  There are things you find you love and you stick with them.  Sometimes it is because of getting burned from branching out but others is you find a love so true you can't help but know it is the only option for you.

One of these such loyalties for me is PASS.  It is the amazing thing I get to offer to all my clients.  It is a online gallery of all their photos that keeps them safely stored without hassle for 10 years.  Yes, you heard right TEN YEARS!  That's included in all my packages because I find it so amazing!  With one click you can download all your images or you can pick and choose which you desire.  You and only you have this privileged but you get to send off the link to anyone you want to flaunt all the gorgeous that is you.

One click sharing to all your favorite social media.  One click ordering from a professional gallery to get crisp clean professional quality without any hassle but because you also can one click download you can also get your prints from your favorite mom and pop shop around the corner "if that's what you're into" (yes that is a flight of the Concords quote).

On top of all the awesome that is the sundae that is PASS: it is operated by some of the most amazing people who support it so fully that every time I turn around they are adding new features that my clients LOVE!

I know there are other options.  They might be good.  But PASS is my love and to be fair it's my clients love too!

You just can't help to love a brand who loves you back...  What brands stole your heart?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Slipping away...December Goals

Do you ever feel like time move slowly and quickly all at once?  It feel like both forever ago and just happened...  well I get that feeling often, at least recently. So much passes that it seemingly quickly but so much has transpired that you feel aged going back through it all.

The things that always get done are the busy things... not necessarily the important.  I wish that the things that kept you busy somehow connected more to the important.  I mean the dishes have to get done but so does spending time with your kids... and since my baby is only an infant doing the dishes with her isn't really an option :D... unless I tired bathing her at the same time... that sounds gross and dangerous. "Eeew" (think Jimmy Fallon on that one :)

That being said it is nice to know that as the time slips by the goals get done... well mostly :D  So here is yet another month's goals driving me closer to my dream... or so I hope!

Everyone enjoys a good "Derp" face :D

November Goals!!
  • Go on a date with Chris
  • Keep house straightened
  • Decorate for Christmas! (Yes, I'm Christmas Crazy)
  • Pack for Trip to Cayman's 
  • Post Luna's 3 Month pictures :D

  • Create Investment PDF
  • Update Mobile site
  • Tweak Packages
  • Send out Referral Program for "New" Past couples
  • Streamline Editing process
  • Clean out Camera bag

December Goals


  • Do something unexpected in Cayman Islands
  • Send out Christmas Cards
  • Update family photo
  • Take Luna's 6 Month pictures


  • Update Wedding Section on website
  • Practice different techniques 3 days a week
  • Update my head shot
  • Submit wedding to publication

What can you do this month to help you get closer to your dream?

Live. Love. Loud.