Thursday, December 4, 2014

Loyalties, Love and Brands

Everyone has their loyalties.  I'm not talking of family, friends or country.  I'm talking brands.  You won't find my brother drinking Diet Pepsi.  You won't see my husband eating off brand chex mix.  There are things you find you love and you stick with them.  Sometimes it is because of getting burned from branching out but others is you find a love so true you can't help but know it is the only option for you.

One of these such loyalties for me is PASS.  It is the amazing thing I get to offer to all my clients.  It is a online gallery of all their photos that keeps them safely stored without hassle for 10 years.  Yes, you heard right TEN YEARS!  That's included in all my packages because I find it so amazing!  With one click you can download all your images or you can pick and choose which you desire.  You and only you have this privileged but you get to send off the link to anyone you want to flaunt all the gorgeous that is you.

One click sharing to all your favorite social media.  One click ordering from a professional gallery to get crisp clean professional quality without any hassle but because you also can one click download you can also get your prints from your favorite mom and pop shop around the corner "if that's what you're into" (yes that is a flight of the Concords quote).

On top of all the awesome that is the sundae that is PASS: it is operated by some of the most amazing people who support it so fully that every time I turn around they are adding new features that my clients LOVE!

I know there are other options.  They might be good.  But PASS is my love and to be fair it's my clients love too!

You just can't help to love a brand who loves you back...  What brands stole your heart?

Live. Love. Loud.

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