Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Slipping away...December Goals

Do you ever feel like time move slowly and quickly all at once?  It feel like both forever ago and just happened...  well I get that feeling often, at least recently. So much passes that it seemingly quickly but so much has transpired that you feel aged going back through it all.

The things that always get done are the busy things... not necessarily the important.  I wish that the things that kept you busy somehow connected more to the important.  I mean the dishes have to get done but so does spending time with your kids... and since my baby is only an infant doing the dishes with her isn't really an option :D... unless I tired bathing her at the same time... that sounds gross and dangerous. "Eeew" (think Jimmy Fallon on that one :)

That being said it is nice to know that as the time slips by the goals get done... well mostly :D  So here is yet another month's goals driving me closer to my dream... or so I hope!

Everyone enjoys a good "Derp" face :D

November Goals!!
  • Go on a date with Chris
  • Keep house straightened
  • Decorate for Christmas! (Yes, I'm Christmas Crazy)
  • Pack for Trip to Cayman's 
  • Post Luna's 3 Month pictures :D

  • Create Investment PDF
  • Update Mobile site
  • Tweak Packages
  • Send out Referral Program for "New" Past couples
  • Streamline Editing process
  • Clean out Camera bag

December Goals


  • Do something unexpected in Cayman Islands
  • Send out Christmas Cards
  • Update family photo
  • Take Luna's 6 Month pictures


  • Update Wedding Section on website
  • Practice different techniques 3 days a week
  • Update my head shot
  • Submit wedding to publication

What can you do this month to help you get closer to your dream?

Live. Love. Loud.

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