Thursday, February 5, 2015

Late but never too late?!?

The joys of having a CPU fail at the holidays???  Is that you get to enjoy so family pictures from my holidays a lot after the holidays!!  Just makes you long for some more egg nog right!? Maybe that's just me...

Do you ever feel like the holidays are a blur?  This year that was me.  I am a HUGE... yes, I love it all... all the crazy... all of it... FAN of Christmas.  My family calls me the "keeper of Christmas".  That being said I oddly never felt really Christmas-y this year.  Too much hussle and bussle to get there I guess.  But now I can look back over my photos and pretend for a minute that it is still Christmas... or something like that so you will get a random selection of photos of family over this holiday season: ready or not....

Photo compliments of Aunt Stephanie :D

How was your holiday season this year?  Yes, I'm asking super late I know but humor me!? Please? :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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