Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bewilderingly Romantic

When I was getting married I knew I wanted to change my name.  I like the tradition.  It seemed so romantic... until I started the process.  Who knew how hard it would be?  Ok, well every bride before me but no one share the wisdom they had with me.  I sat in the Social Security office for an entire day waiting my turn only to find out I didn't have everything they wanted because their website stated what the federal office wanted not the local federal office... yea that's a thing!!

So to my utter bewilderment I did finally get all my documentation changed over but had I known of the ease in which it could have transpired I would have literally skipped... all of the places!

I found this site which I'm sure most of you have but for those of you like me I share it with you.  It is called Hitch Switch.

It makes the full process simple.  It helps you every step of the way.  Giving your the correct documentation. Telling you what can be submitted in mail and what has to be submitted in person.  It makes the full process simple and ready for you whenever or if  ever you decide to change your name.  But don't take my word: take a look!!

Live. Love. Loud.

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