Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unique, fun and all things Wedding Planning...

When you are planning your special day you want it to be just that: SPECIAL!  I mean who wants to just get a carbon copy of the last wedding you saw... even if it was FABULOUS. :D

Your bridesmaid dresses are no different.  This amazing site Weddington Way allows for a wide range in beautiful styles and color but also a great an fun experience too!  You can make your selections, send them over to your besties and they can comment on them or send over their favorites all on the site!

If you get stuck and aren't sure what to do or what you want, they have great inspirational posts including stylists favorites, what's up and coming, bridal party favorites... you name it!

But don't take my word on it jump on over and take a peak!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dilation of time.

Chris calls the way time seems to slow and speed: time dilation.  Not sure if that is acutally a thing or if this just one of those Chris things.  All the same for the point of this blog post I'm calling it time dilation.

Nine months has passed.  It feels like not that long ago that I held Luna unsure of what to do with the tiny person.  Yet it also feels like forever since I was able to do whatever I wanted...

How is that?  How can it feel like both so long ago and yet just yesterday?  Chris says it is time dilation.  Not entirely sure.  I feel like it is because the days are long but the weeks are short.  You get so busy trying to live life that it flashes by retrospectively.  When you think back over the months the days seem to meld together into a mass of monotiny... and thus shorter then when you are living them out and about to snap cause your kid isn't napping like she is supposed to and MOMMY NEEDS HER MOMMY TIME!!!  

Or maybe I'm alone in this.  I don't do well without my "me time"  or I guess more accurately it is my editing, cleaning, further educating and eating with peace of mind time.

 All that to say:  I'm ever so grateful for this amazing adventure God blessed me with named Luna.  Happy 9 months!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rand Bryan House: Garner NC: Erik and Melissa

Wind swept through the sturdy branches of the magnolias and swayed the crape myrtles out front at the beautiful Rand Bryan House.  Inside was a hustle of tidying details, straightening ties and admiring all the hard work that had brought them to this day.

The white wood panels matched perfectly with the hits at rustic Erik and Melissa had chosen:slight use of burlap to the grassy shade of green.  Each detail fell in place with the help of their close friends and family.

How could their day be complete without some notice of their mutual love of fantasy and the amazing "Geek" culture.  It is what brought them together: Erik and Melissa found each other in a hobby they both enjoy: video gaming.  Not sure whether he walked up to her in the local pub or try to beat her in a match but I do know that their guild was a part of their romance!

It was a pleasure to be allowed to capture at a distance their first look at each other!

I don't know there was much of a day that didn't include humorous antics of the wonderful Erik!

Melissa you are FABULOUS!

This coin has been in Erik's family for generations and it seemed only fitting to have it a part of their wedding day!

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. 
Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Confessing an Apology

I like neat tidy boxes.  I'm the chick that would put a label on everything.  Nice and clean.  No questions where it goes or how it fits.  I try and make life fit that way too.  In my head there is my personal life and my business.  They each have a perfect little box... OH if that box were a reality.

Today I have a confession to make.  In life and on this blog, I tend to try and keep things light, real for sure but definitely not heavy.  Today I have to be a bit on the heavy side.  I am a Christian.  I have never really said otherwise but I have never really been clear.  I have been thinking over this a lot recently and so I decided I should share.

(photo thanks to Board of Truth)

I never really came out before and stated either way because I thought: it is business.  For me that meant what I believe shouldn't affect you in our business so why should you know it.  The more I thought about it though I was keeping a large portion of who I am hidden from you and the whole point of this blog and my work is to let you see the real me and that includes God.  Also, my beliefs and relationship with God actively affects who I am and how I behave so how could that not affect my clients?  It was silly of me but OH to have those pretty little tidy boxes!

God is an active part of my life and to not tell you that is rather large truth to not be sharing.

Now please try and not put me in some weird camp of ______, you can fill that in with pretty much any stereo type you want.  If you have been reading my blog, have met me or had any other interaction with me: Who you saw and interacted with is me.  You just didn't know that that "Me" also included my relationship with God.

I want to make one thing very clear: I'm not a hater of anyone.

A huge part of what has made me who I am today is my relationship with God.  Much like my relationship with my husband or life experience changes you... only different.  LOL  Vague right?  Well I'd like to say "a girl's got to have her mystery" only it isn't that I'm not sure how to word the difference.  So simply put: communication deficiency limits my ability.

So today I am wanted to be clear, completely honest and take a moment an apologize for being untruthful with you in the past.  Though it may not have been a stated lie it was definitely a lie of omission and for that I am greatly sorry.

If you have taken the time to ready this apology then thank you!  If you have any questions I'd love to answer them. If you'd simply like to talk that's awesome too.  If you want to grab a coffee and you won't judge the STUPIDLY large amount of sugar I will put in mine ever more grand!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I have a deep an abiding wonderlust.  It is something that has been in me as far back as I can remember.  I love traveling.  I love making a new home.  Every time I travel I think I could live here... well, almost always :D

It, the wonderlust, is part of what brought me to think about Wedding photography.  The idea of traveling around the world capturing people who are in love just broke too many amazing into one awesome.

Sometimes I want to take an hour or two and just look at Travel photos.  I have to confess I get an email each week with travel deals and I can't help but have my mouth water at almost every offer... traveling off to have a safari, or cruising around the Mediterranean, hiking you way through Ecuador, eating my way through France... you get the picture.

Only issue I can't take spending the money to take all the trips! The quagmire that is my brain.  I mean.  I am willing to spend the budgeted money for vacation... but my heart wants all the money for travel!  So my compromise is that I dream about it and plan out the possible trips so that when it comes time the choice is evident!

What is one of your passions?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I'm feeling the love.  April: thank you for how kind you have been to me thus far!

You know it's going to be a great month when the first day brings the beauty that spring weather... like make you want to live outdoors kind of awesome.  Followed up by THE most amazing visit with my long distance best-ie.  Followed by: I love my couples.

Ok, so they aren't my couples but I like to lay claim to them because they are that awesome.  This weekend I'm shooting this adorable couples wedding and I have been able to see so much of the little details that I can't wait to get to see them finally married!

LOVES-zen me some...
Pinterest Gluten/Dairy Free boards
Chocolate... lots and lots of it
Margaritas with my long distance bestie
Amazing clients who make my job my dream!
Those who truly get my soul and the fact that cookies can't never be eaten one at a time!
When with very little effort your house gets clean!

What are you LOVES-ing on this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blessings and Family

Somethings in life are just beautiful.  Friends make that list for me.  I deeply am joyed at my friends.  Not many things can make me feel overwhelmed with my blessings as those close and dear to me.  Just last month (yes, all that snow was just a month ago!) I had the pleasure to enjoy some friends of mine that have been "far flung" serving as missionaries for the past three years.

Catching up, enjoying our times together past and talks of the future... it was bliss in a weekend and in the midst of that I had the joy of capturing a few family photos.  So I thought I'd share them with you too :D

Thank you Amanda, Keith and Judah for taking the time to hang out and love on us!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April's not fooling me...

Do you ever take a deep breath and let the wonder of life wash over you?  Don't get me wrong I have those days where if one more thing goes wrong I'm going to snap things, people whatever crosses me, but today I am stopping with the wind in my face and I'm grateful.

Even if I have to admit to you that some of my goals for last month were a fail!  I mean it.  I hate to come on here and say oh, by the way the public announcement of my striving to push myself have failed and now I get to triumph in the pathetic-ness of it all... not even that will quell today's joy.  I blame Luna having great naps and/or crossing things off my to do lists.

Last month's


  • Get active: at least 3 times a week do a minimum of 30 min active exercise. (walking counts right???)
  • Spend less time out of town
  • Keep house "orderly"
  • Go on a date with Chris


  • Take time each week to have a mini date with my camera
  • Tweak Website: photos, personal, etc
  • Meet up with another professional for encouragement and marketing
  • Design Sample album

April's Goals

  • I WILL exercise!  I WILL!
  • Take pictures of BFF Visit!
  • Put together dining room table
  • Finally make toothpaste
    • Use toothpaste no matter how poorly it turns out

  • Edit client photos and get them back within 4 weeks!
  • Submit wedding for publication
  • Be more consistent with Social media
  • Meet with Wedding professional/socialize

So here's to a new month new goals and a better attitude?? (fingers crossed)!  Man I'm digging spring right now.  Excited for this wedding season!

Live. Love. Loud.