Thursday, April 2, 2015

April's not fooling me...

Do you ever take a deep breath and let the wonder of life wash over you?  Don't get me wrong I have those days where if one more thing goes wrong I'm going to snap things, people whatever crosses me, but today I am stopping with the wind in my face and I'm grateful.

Even if I have to admit to you that some of my goals for last month were a fail!  I mean it.  I hate to come on here and say oh, by the way the public announcement of my striving to push myself have failed and now I get to triumph in the pathetic-ness of it all... not even that will quell today's joy.  I blame Luna having great naps and/or crossing things off my to do lists.

Last month's


  • Get active: at least 3 times a week do a minimum of 30 min active exercise. (walking counts right???)
  • Spend less time out of town
  • Keep house "orderly"
  • Go on a date with Chris


  • Take time each week to have a mini date with my camera
  • Tweak Website: photos, personal, etc
  • Meet up with another professional for encouragement and marketing
  • Design Sample album

April's Goals

  • I WILL exercise!  I WILL!
  • Take pictures of BFF Visit!
  • Put together dining room table
  • Finally make toothpaste
    • Use toothpaste no matter how poorly it turns out

  • Edit client photos and get them back within 4 weeks!
  • Submit wedding for publication
  • Be more consistent with Social media
  • Meet with Wedding professional/socialize

So here's to a new month new goals and a better attitude?? (fingers crossed)!  Man I'm digging spring right now.  Excited for this wedding season!

Live. Love. Loud.

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