Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rand Bryan House: Garner NC: Erik and Melissa

Wind swept through the sturdy branches of the magnolias and swayed the crape myrtles out front at the beautiful Rand Bryan House.  Inside was a hustle of tidying details, straightening ties and admiring all the hard work that had brought them to this day.

The white wood panels matched perfectly with the hits at rustic Erik and Melissa had chosen:slight use of burlap to the grassy shade of green.  Each detail fell in place with the help of their close friends and family.

How could their day be complete without some notice of their mutual love of fantasy and the amazing "Geek" culture.  It is what brought them together: Erik and Melissa found each other in a hobby they both enjoy: video gaming.  Not sure whether he walked up to her in the local pub or try to beat her in a match but I do know that their guild was a part of their romance!

It was a pleasure to be allowed to capture at a distance their first look at each other!

I don't know there was much of a day that didn't include humorous antics of the wonderful Erik!

Melissa you are FABULOUS!

This coin has been in Erik's family for generations and it seemed only fitting to have it a part of their wedding day!

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. 
Live. Love. Loud.

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