Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jet Setting, Intimate and Possibly Perfect?

The moment you say yes you might have your wedding in mind.  You might have this winery  with a ivy covered canopy in your future or you might want a deep south plantation with its aged shipped board and a distressed wood furniture... OR you might be like me and dream of jetting off to a beautiful location with a sandy beach, crashing waves.

I wanted to fly off in ease and have the wedding just unfold in front of me.  I wanted to have a glass of champagne and descend from the villa that I was obviously making my soon to be permanent home.

Alas that was not in my future but it did launch a life long obsession with destination weddings and why I just swoon when I get to photograph them!

Well, my obsession served you, or anyone who is planning their very own amazing destination wedding: Jet Fete. Cause I came across a blog that is just as obsessed as me!  They walk you through anything you might need to know about planning from  a distance!

Jump on over and see if they can inspire you!

Live. Love. Loud.

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