Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shame or in other words: Monthly Goals

Whenever I think over the months of spring I can't help but start humming a tune from the musical Seven Brides from Seven Brothers.  Silly I'm sure but if you've seen it I'm sure that you'd understand the connection.  Something about women in their undergarments dreaming about being married that sticks with you... plus all the silliness and fun just wins me over everytime!

(photo thanks to Schmoe Knows)

So here's to more dancing in underwear and dreaming... and while I'm at it this month's Goals...

But first a peak at my success and failings from last month :/

April's Goals

  • I WILL exercise!  I WILL!  (walking counts right??)
  • Take pictures of BFF Visit!  (with two reminders so aptly given by my husband, the moment they walked in the door and yet I still forget)
  • Put together dining room table
  • Finally make toothpaste
    • Use toothpaste no matter how poorly it turns out

  • Edit client photos and get them back within 4 weeks!
  • Submit wedding for publication
  • Be more consistent with Social media
  • Meet with Wedding professional/socialize

May's Goals


  • Continue exercising
  • Try to be better about sugar
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Set aside time to do some reading


  • Submit wedding to publication
  • Add hot topic button to blog
  • Look over 2016 bridal shows
  • Get Updated Canvas Sample
  • Meet up with Wedding professional

What are you doing this month? What are your adventures?

Live. Love. Loud.

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