Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tantrums, Reality and Joy Filled Thanks

I'm a kid at heart.

There is no doubt about that reality.  In both the great fun loving, energetic, fun loving way and in the not so awesome I kind of want to drop on the ground and throw my limbs around in protest kind of way as well.  I doubt that I'm alone in this inner tantrum.. or maybe I am.

Lately I had been having the inner tantrum desire a lot.  I wasn't getting what I wanted and when I wanted it.  I wasn't having life look as easy and pretty as I thought that it should.  A few nights ago I had a beautiful reality check.  A what I hope to soon call friend was telling me of life.  The struggle that was real and how she was dealing with it.  Her frank composure as she told of depending on Christ and her acceptance of facing her challenge was like a nice slap to the face of my childish complaints.

How often I feel like I'm entitled to more, better, something akin to a pastel rendering of a child's fairy tale (grim variety not included or desired!).  How often I forget to stop and thank God for all that I have and the amazing parts of my life I over look or push aside in an effort to better see the "ugly" or "undesired" sections.

So to this friend I say thank you for the reminder of how much Christ has given me and how I should be ever more grateful for the many great parts in my life.

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