Thursday, May 28, 2015

Things that are happening to me...

I'm pretty crunchy-granola tend toward the hippie-ish side.  So it is not shock that I am always trying to keep a look out for ways I can be healthier... and it has gotten to a whole new level since Luna was born.  I'd like her to be set up right, not struggle with cravings or feelings eating if I can help it.

That said my sister-in-law brought up the Whole 30 to my attention.  And after doing a minimal amount of reading (the plan is pretty straight forward), we both decided to dive in!  I mean come on it is just thirty days.  In Di's words, "If we can't give up a food for thirty days we might need to go to rehab".

So we set off on our adventure.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be.  I do really well with extremes... shocking to all those who know me well right?!?  The hard fast lines are easier for me then the "limit" lines.

If you're anything like me eating a portion of ice cream is silly.  Imean have you seen what they call a serving size??  No one eats that small of an amount!  It reminds me of the chick from Devil Wears Prada:

Point being I do much better with extremes so this diet was right up my sleeve.

The first few days were a struggle.  I was constantly wanting to make "substitute foods".  Like I love brownies and I found great recipes were I could make them with all approved foods... but that isn't the point.  It is to revamp your food intake.

As the days passed it became easier and I struggled less.

After the 30 days were over:

  • I didn't loose any weight but I didn't plan to.
  • I did feel empowered: I can live without sugar and it's ok!
  • I got creative with foods and found that living "Whole 30" isn't living lesser.
  • I'm excited to implement a lot of what I have learned in my day to day diet!
  • I'm excited to slowly introduce some of the foods I missed.  (I mean don't get me wrong I love me some fruit but a delicious brownie on occasion is needed!)

Overall: I think it was way easier then I thought is was going to be and I am so glad to have done it and liked it enough that I am trying to stick to it for two meals a day!

What health challenges have you gotten yourself into lately?

Live. Love. Loud.

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