Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gumption, Grit and Grins

My fingers dance across the keys jumping from one to the next in hopes that some magic might ignite.  I often feel like I allow myself to get bogged down.  Do you ever have those overwhelming moments of there is just not enough time?  Maybe it is just me?

(photo credit to Not Streaming)

Today I choose sunlight/joy/brightness.  Focusing on the bogging doesn't help.  It doesn't make you feel any less overwhelmed... it doesn't allow you to all the sudden accomplish all your goals but instead it makes you want to recluse on the corner and allow the terrible to mound on the other side of the room.  The thing with that is when you finally do face life it is worse then when you left it cause let's face it life never seems to slow down.

So today I decide that I only have one 6/30/2015 and I will celebrate it... with hard work and gumption.    If you're needing inspiration I suggest His Girl Friday.  Puts a smile on my face a fire under my rump :D

On to more rump roasting I have to admit to you that I failed at this last months goals.  No excuses.  So facing the music here are my sad attempt this past month at my goals:

  • Go on a date with Chris
  • Plan out a vacation for this year
  • Actually read something that isn't about photography!
  • Keep up limited Sugar (most days :D)

  • Meet with a wedding professional I have never met
  • Submit another wedding for publication
  • Set up an intentional session
  • Decide on decor for possible Wedding show

July Goals:

  • Get active
  • Make sure to spend sometime with family
  • Plan out some of trip to ICELAND (more on that later)
  • Shoot Luna's 12 month pictures

  • Shoot intentionally
  • Socialize with a wedding professional
  • Keep up to date on editing
  • Decide on Show products

If you have had a rough June I urge you to join me, because I need the support :D, and shake it off and start July with an element of Grit!

So here is to a lovely and humid July!  
Live. Love. Loud.

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