Thursday, June 18, 2015

Treading on thin life

There are times when I feel like I'm treading water but someone is adding weights to my legs...

That is dramatic I know but it is how I feel.  It isn't in business specifically or in my personal life but in trying to find a balance between the two and all the things that need to get done.

I love my daughter but I never felt this way before her.  Now when I get time alone I feel like I have to spend a good deal of the time thinking about remembering what it is I need to get done instead of just being able to accomplish it.

There are moments that I want to have that TV sitcom day.  There are problems but they are all solved in thirty minutes or less.  There is a cheese factor but on one of those days when I feel like I can't keep my head above water I can't help but think it could be nice...

The truth is the hardest times in my life have yielded the best results.  No one changes and refines themselves when they don't have to... why would you.  It is way more fun to just go for the ride and enjoy whatever is happening.  But when those tough times hit, whatever that might look like, that we can really show who we are and change and improve cause we have no choice.  I believe in God, in a personal relationship kind of way not a "I just created the world and don't care anymore kind of way", because this belief I know that if I lean to him for strength that though the bad times/trying times won't necessarily end they will be easier and at the end... whenever that is I always come up with a few less rough edges.

So here is to knowing that the tough/trying/struggling times in our life do end... at some point and that if we feel like we are sinking all we need is to call out for help... now if I could only I remembered that day to day.

Live. Love. Loud.

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