Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adventures in Spending money

I'm not a relaxed person.  Don't get me wrong.  I can chill out.  I can unplug but I'm not the "chill" type.  I pretty much always have something brewing inside.  I have been shooting weddings as a business going on four years and I still get nervous before every shoot.  I double and triple check my equipment.  I study my timelines and emails for any and all information.  I don't walk into any client meeting without at least one pep talk.  That's me.

(photo of an amazing book of pictures of Iceland: Looking for inspiration!)

I share that to say I don't make brash decisions.  I think thing through.  Don't get me wrong I can make a quick decision in a situation that calls for it but I'm not the chick that walks in to look at furniture and then ends up buying something.

A dear friend of mine was telling me about her up coming trip/adventure.  She was going to Iceland, a place she has dreamed of going to for a long time yet is just now getting the chance to go and see.  She was showing me pictures of the places she had on her check list.  The equipment they would need since they are going in winter (I mean if you're not hard core...). When she stopped and said, "Why do you keep offering your stuff up: You're coming with me right?"

I laughed and said, "Oh yes of course I am?"  Yet somehow two days later I had bought tickets on her same flight.  The past 7 years of our marriage my husband has asked me to buy all the number of trips I looked up and considered yet I never have.  Excuses about timing, family or anything I could think of but basically it would come down to the money.  I don't like spending money.  It makes me nervous.  Too many years of living without previously just hits this "MUST SAVE ALL THE MONEY" button and it's hard to let that go.

But I did.  At least this one time.  I clicked the "buy now" and we are set and excited.  Come February we are taking our winter trek to Iceland.  So any of you adventures who have advice lay it on me!

Also if you know of someone getting married in early February in Iceland let a girl know :D

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