Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Video Game Wedding and Second Shooting

I sat in my car letting the music on the radio fade away as I took yet another deep breath.  My eyes slid shut as I visualized the day.  I shook away the tremble in my right hand as I went to turn off the ignition.  In just a few minutes I would make my way out of this parking garage and second shoot my first wedding...

So much of the start of my business worked backwards.  I never really shot weddings as a second shooter...  It wasn't my intention to skip this amazing learning step but it just happened.  I was young and in college and friends desperate to have a photographer for their wedding but had no budget  turned to me, their friend who had taken some portraits and what I called "nature photography" but was basically what looked like most every Instagram feed you can find these days (sunrises, a shot of feet in sand... you get the idea)...  my business bloomed from the blind and amazing trust of some desperate friends.

Last year I shot as a second shooter for the first time.  It was such a neat experience and nerve wrecking experience.  I was so nervous to start the day.  I was afraid that I would fail my lead photographer Neito Photography.  Our styles were so different I wasn't sure if my work would even help him but I wanted to learn and he was willing.  

As is always true with me: My body was a pile of open nerves as I made my way to the hotel room to start the day with detail shots but the moment I pulled my camera to my face peace washed over me: I was home.  The day progressed with ease.  It was a nice change up to see how Chris served his couple completely and how his laid back nature worked with his style of photography.   It was fun to see him work with his couple in the beautiful downtown of Raleigh, taking advantage of some of the unique architecture that is displayed there.  

This couple had taken years to gather all the decor for their video game-zombie-Halloween wedding.  It was like a pinterest board had come to life!

Each place you looked there was something else.  The bride's attention to detail was amazing!

I was swooning over the amazing details she found at many cute etsy shops!

And how could this video game loving couples' photobooth be complete without the amazing details of Link's sword, shield and bomb?

Why yes their cake topper was the couple fighting off the onslaught of a zombie army!

It was a amazing to get to see the years of hard work and planning come to a reality in this amazing fantasy wedding but it was even more of a  joy to get to watch this beautiful couple start their life together!

Live. Love. Loud.


  1. It is truly very unique wedding. I am just in love with these beautiful wedding photos. I also want such unique outdoor wedding and currently we both have been looking for the best NYC wedding venues for our ceremony.

    1. You know something insane?!? I've never been to NYC!? I know I'm the worst. Trying to fix this situation :)