Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Start of Something Beautiful

There are always seemingly endless options for your wedding.  Choices upon choices lay out in front of you when you start your journey to planning your dream wedding.  Or maybe it's just me who struggled with all the options?!?

But if you are a like minded soul then feel free to keep reading cause I have decided to throw out some love to some local wedding vendors.  You get to know a bit about them and hopefully makes the process seem a bit less daunting.

Today I'm going to showcase a lovely new wedding venue that has popped up in the Raleigh area.  I had the joy of being invited to it's opening night and got to see this historic home in all it's glory.  Priscilla and Brooke are the proud owners of the Leslie-Aflord Mims House.  It is in the midst of the cute downtown of Holly Springs.

They did a wonderful job with the restoration and have afforded their clients with a wide range in options.  The vintage wood floors and light decor allows for you to make this location fit to any theme or allow you a clean crisp modern look without much effort!

Because of how the house has different large rooms broken into a natural flow it is a perfect venue of a large or small wedding!  For a smaller wedding you never feel overwhelmed by empty space because you can keep your party as centralized as you would like.  And if you're more of a "Party ot end all others" kind of couple then the flow from one room the next is great to allow for stationed rooms.  Your guests don't have to worry about being overwhelmed with all the people and can constantly be surprised by what else they can discover in this treasure!

On top of the the great space they have for your actual wedding or reception Priscilla and Brooke made sure to keep two rooms set aside for bridal party prep.  Both perfect, one for fitting the needs of a hoard of girls and the other for a the needs of a relaxing groom and his men as they chill before the big "I Do".  In their own words this venue is "A Refreshing Chic Approach to Southern".  But for you to get the full feel of the location jump on over to their site and schedule a tour.

And if you still haven't found the perfect planner or coordinator they can help with those needs as well!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Angsty Teenager once again.

I am stubborn.  Shocking I know to admit the blatant truth but it is there, so gasp if you must :D.  I find myself arguing with books I read, non-fiction to be clear... not having a tete a tete with a character from a Jane Austen novel.  But when I read something that hits home to me and I see myself in I sit there and I'm all "they don't get me".

I'm back to being 16 again where NO ONE understands your angst.  I might as well have dyed my hair, along with all of my clothing, black as a visual representation of all my hurt and pain.  I mean really.  I am that silly at moments.  I've been reading the same Timothy Keller book I mentioned before (yes, it is slow going, leave me alone I have a baby #don'tjudge) and it talks about self-centerness being an issue in relationships.  How when you look out for yourself you only embitter your relational partner.

It isn't rocket science here.  If you are serving yourself and focused on yourself everything that your relational counter part does that isn't serving you will kind of erk you and then it just piles on and on (since they are doing the exact same thing on the other end).  Yet this being told to my face that I'm selfish isn't a life ending realization... I knew it but I'm all "Don't judge me"  "My life is just so hard"  "you just don't understand" Despite be knowing the truth of the statement.

Why is that?  Why is my natural reaction to be all angst-y?  Why not just shake my head and say "Darn if it weren't true"?

I have a theory: it is because I'm selfish.  I know I'm selfish but that doesn't mean I like others pointing out this simple truth.  It is like when I had acne... I knew it, you sure as darn toot-in knew it but no one really addressed it...

But unlike acne (which can't always be helped), pointing out my selfishness only betters me... reminds me of how I should be making efforts to be selfless to those around me.  I mean God was selfless with me... how can I not share that?

So I guess... for today #judgeaway.

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Luna a Year in the making...

It is well past Luna's year marker but I can't help but find that I am behind in sharing her pictures.

But to your utter joy I will share them now :D

She turned one as all our crape myrtles were in bloom... it was pretty adorable though hard to get her from not just squatting to play in the fallen blossoms. 

Just after her first birthday one of my amazing brides sent Luna a gift in the mail!!  It was one of Brandi's beautiful custom Bows from her amazing Etsy Shop.

A year has passed and my life forever altered... and I couldn't be more joyful!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big, NO Buts: Brighter Side

I feel like each month passes with a hustle of silly.  How often do I find myself struggling to do the day to day things?  I mean you'd think at a certain point there wouldn't be laundry right?

When I was a kid I had lots of chores but one of them was cleaning the bathrooms... I HATED when people would go in just after I finished cleaning.  I knew they would be used again.  I mean let's hope that my family would continue to shower and brush their teeth but to watch them go in and mess it up just after I finished was the ultimate defeat.

I still get that feeling.  Not over the bathroom being used but that moment when you have finished all your emails and then a new one pops up but your email time as passed... I struggle I want to just get it done but I know as soon as I do another will be there and if I keep addressing them I'll never get the everything done.  So there are those days that instead of facing with victory all the emails I conquered I focus instead on the one... the measly one that came in just as I finished.

Why do we do this?  Why must we be defeatist.  So this month... at least for today I say Stand with pride and look at all you have done/accomplished/completed and ignore anything/everything else just for a moment of victory!

July's Goals
  • Get active
  • Make sure to spend sometime with family
  • Plan out some of trip to ICELAND (more on that later)
  • Shoot Luna's 12 month pictures

  • Shoot intentionally
  • Socialize with a wedding professional
  • Keep up to date on editing
  • Decide on Show products

August's Goals


  • Celebrate our 7th Anniversary!
  • Eat less and better (eeek :D)
  • Spend some time thinking over goals to do before 30


  • Post in Instagram at least three times
  • Look over bags options and make a list 
  • Continue the monthly tradition of meeting with a Wedding professional
  • Work on different/unique marketing
A smirk bemused across my face as I go to face this month... Determined it will be amazing!

Live. Love. Loud.