Thursday, September 24, 2015


If you're anything like me you love photos.  (Shocking that a photographer would love photos I know :D)  There is so much debate around about disconnected or unplugged weddings which don't get me wrong I'm totally for, but only if it fits the couples needs.  If you don't want to have an Unplugged wedding then I have a #weddingwebsite just for you! Wedding Photo Swap: it is this awesome site that allows basically every guest at your wedding be an additional shooter at your wedding.  They take all their photos and share them there so that you and all the other guests can have the joys and memories in all their shaky and true to life glory!

The site also has other neat features where you can select out your favorite and make a digital album to share or print.  They also allow you to order custom cards with the prints and much much more!

If you can't get enough of your engagement photos and you're thinking over your wedding this might be a sight to use cause with every guest uploading their photos you'll have a doozy of a time cycling through them all!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lost but not forgotten

 I lack inspiration.  The last few months I have been trying to revamp my business plan for marketing but find myself lost in the process.  I mean there are lots of right answers but I get bogged down and find myself being... lifeless.

I once had blogs about other aspects of my life, it seemed strange to post all about my husband and I renovating our house or my cooking adventures here so I had other blogs.  They were filled with vampid rantings but they had life.

Even in the midst of blogging, let's face it, too much I found the time to tell stories the eager and joy of a much more rested soul then I am now.  I would write of my trip to the store in all it's woes of every day but shared in the light of the humor.  It is like when you read comic or see a stand up comedian; it isn't that their life is any more hilarious then ours but they have the view of life that lets them see the beautiful hilarity of the day to day.

I lost my view.  I'd like to get it back.

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chic Wedding Inspiration

When you are looking for wedding inspiration there seems to be many different options!  You have your pinterest options and then the endless sources of wedding blogs.  In the midst of those seemingly endless blogs is a neat site that was started by a luxury hotel chain.  It focuses it efforts on real weddings that happen in their hallowed halls.  Though the spectrum is limited as to what they feature they do have a fun selection of options of those weddings with a desire towards the fashion forward and chic it is a fun source of inspiration!

On top of offering weddings from all across the Globe, Four Seasons Weddings also offers unique wedding ideas for luxurious romantic honeymoons!  But don't take my word for it jump on over and take a look!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The moments

It seems silly to type right now.  My mind blanks when I come to this blogging screen.  It like a mental cotton mouth.  I have this deep desire to post some mind blowing topic that will just change lives and bring people to my door knocking for my services cause I'm just that great of a person... YES I am a crazy person... well I have my moments at least.

Have you ever seen the show Ally McBeal?   When I was younger  I saw it and Ally's crazy visualizations made me connect so fully with her character.  I do have a little mini-drama playing in my mind and of course I'm the protagonist.  I mean if I wasn't I'd need some extreme self esteem classes, to not be the leading lady in my own head!

Me, as the protagonist, doesn't live a sedentary life but one of adventure and intrigue... then I realize how even if you dramatize the valor of being  a part time stay at home mom it isn't like sailing the ocean of adventure or something.  So when it comes time to write I my thoughts I scoff at myself: "like you have something to share".  How often are we rude to ourselves!?!  Or maybe I'm just the one that struggles here.  I often find myself questioning who I am, what I have to offer or how I should be offering it.   

No, my life isn't one for the record books.  No, there are no truly "new ideas" but I come to you with my ramblings and fumblings and if I only make one other person out there feel less alone then this endeavor would be worth my time.  So next time you are questioning who you are, what you have to offer or degrading yourself:

Remember: There is only one you!  God made you one of a kind and you get to shine brightly who that is... quirks and all!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mixed up and ready for Fall

As each month comes to a close there is always so much "feelings".  I'm a lot more conscious of how quickly time passes with the visual aid of watching my daughter grow.  I can't help but feel the close of a month with mixed feelings.  The desire to have done more, been more... and the overwhelming joy to have enjoyed my family and friends over the previous month.

This month is no different only I am overjoyed thinking over what comes ahead.  Both for plans and dreams but also for the beauty that is fall!  I'm a sucker for boots, hot coffee and all things sweater so to say that fall and winter are my spirit animal... well, it's pretty accurate.

So here is to pumpkin, falling leaves, lattes and so much more that lay ahead for the taking!

Last months Goals


  • Celebrate our 7th Anniversary!
  • Eat less and better (eeek :D)
  • Spend some time thinking over goals to do before 30


  • Post in Instagram at least three times
  • Look over bags options and make a list 
  • Continue the monthly tradition of meeting with a Wedding professional
  • Work on different/unique marketing

September Goals
  • Get active: at least 3 times a week!
  • Take pictures on Vacation
  • Stay on BUDGET

  • Meet up with wedding professional :Keep the trend going!
  • Price out Custom Stationary
  • Get all things set for Wedding Show
  • Keep consistent on Social Media
What are you doing this month?  Any adventures?  Any Challenges??

Live. Love. Loud.