Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lost but not forgotten

 I lack inspiration.  The last few months I have been trying to revamp my business plan for marketing but find myself lost in the process.  I mean there are lots of right answers but I get bogged down and find myself being... lifeless.

I once had blogs about other aspects of my life, it seemed strange to post all about my husband and I renovating our house or my cooking adventures here so I had other blogs.  They were filled with vampid rantings but they had life.

Even in the midst of blogging, let's face it, too much I found the time to tell stories the eager and joy of a much more rested soul then I am now.  I would write of my trip to the store in all it's woes of every day but shared in the light of the humor.  It is like when you read comic or see a stand up comedian; it isn't that their life is any more hilarious then ours but they have the view of life that lets them see the beautiful hilarity of the day to day.

I lost my view.  I'd like to get it back.

Live. Love. Loud.

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