Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mixed up and ready for Fall

As each month comes to a close there is always so much "feelings".  I'm a lot more conscious of how quickly time passes with the visual aid of watching my daughter grow.  I can't help but feel the close of a month with mixed feelings.  The desire to have done more, been more... and the overwhelming joy to have enjoyed my family and friends over the previous month.

This month is no different only I am overjoyed thinking over what comes ahead.  Both for plans and dreams but also for the beauty that is fall!  I'm a sucker for boots, hot coffee and all things sweater so to say that fall and winter are my spirit animal... well, it's pretty accurate.

So here is to pumpkin, falling leaves, lattes and so much more that lay ahead for the taking!

Last months Goals


  • Celebrate our 7th Anniversary!
  • Eat less and better (eeek :D)
  • Spend some time thinking over goals to do before 30


  • Post in Instagram at least three times
  • Look over bags options and make a list 
  • Continue the monthly tradition of meeting with a Wedding professional
  • Work on different/unique marketing

September Goals
  • Get active: at least 3 times a week!
  • Take pictures on Vacation
  • Stay on BUDGET

  • Meet up with wedding professional :Keep the trend going!
  • Price out Custom Stationary
  • Get all things set for Wedding Show
  • Keep consistent on Social Media
What are you doing this month?  Any adventures?  Any Challenges??

Live. Love. Loud.

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