Thursday, September 24, 2015


If you're anything like me you love photos.  (Shocking that a photographer would love photos I know :D)  There is so much debate around about disconnected or unplugged weddings which don't get me wrong I'm totally for, but only if it fits the couples needs.  If you don't want to have an Unplugged wedding then I have a #weddingwebsite just for you! Wedding Photo Swap: it is this awesome site that allows basically every guest at your wedding be an additional shooter at your wedding.  They take all their photos and share them there so that you and all the other guests can have the joys and memories in all their shaky and true to life glory!

The site also has other neat features where you can select out your favorite and make a digital album to share or print.  They also allow you to order custom cards with the prints and much much more!

If you can't get enough of your engagement photos and you're thinking over your wedding this might be a sight to use cause with every guest uploading their photos you'll have a doozy of a time cycling through them all!

Live. Love. Loud.

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