Thursday, September 3, 2015

The moments

It seems silly to type right now.  My mind blanks when I come to this blogging screen.  It like a mental cotton mouth.  I have this deep desire to post some mind blowing topic that will just change lives and bring people to my door knocking for my services cause I'm just that great of a person... YES I am a crazy person... well I have my moments at least.

Have you ever seen the show Ally McBeal?   When I was younger  I saw it and Ally's crazy visualizations made me connect so fully with her character.  I do have a little mini-drama playing in my mind and of course I'm the protagonist.  I mean if I wasn't I'd need some extreme self esteem classes, to not be the leading lady in my own head!

Me, as the protagonist, doesn't live a sedentary life but one of adventure and intrigue... then I realize how even if you dramatize the valor of being  a part time stay at home mom it isn't like sailing the ocean of adventure or something.  So when it comes time to write I my thoughts I scoff at myself: "like you have something to share".  How often are we rude to ourselves!?!  Or maybe I'm just the one that struggles here.  I often find myself questioning who I am, what I have to offer or how I should be offering it.   

No, my life isn't one for the record books.  No, there are no truly "new ideas" but I come to you with my ramblings and fumblings and if I only make one other person out there feel less alone then this endeavor would be worth my time.  So next time you are questioning who you are, what you have to offer or degrading yourself:

Remember: There is only one you!  God made you one of a kind and you get to shine brightly who that is... quirks and all!

Live. Love. Loud.

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