Friday, October 9, 2015

And the Hunt is ON!

We are house hunting.  It sounds like some elusive sport... Like I'm in the tall grass rifle in hand foraging my way to find the elusive "home"... Not sure it would be more fun but I would feel a bit more productive in my "hunting".

You have all these ideals.  It is like when you are dreaming about that person you will date... your list starts small... just a good guy... and builds to this three page thesis that no one could ever live up to?  I feel like that is house hunting.

Why is it that we think we are so simple?  I mean darn skimpy I'm not.  I'm deeply awesome... which means I'm particular and specific in my needs (that definitely means I'm awesome!  Right?!? :D)

I mean It would be nice to tell a building all the things I want exactly how I want them... only thing is I also want to him/her the price point too... That's my real downfall.  I really like things the way I want them but I also don't like seeing the money disappear.

I swear I'm a psycho.  How can I know so clearly what it is I desire and yet have physical angst over just imagining paying for it?  Yes, sadly I have expensive tastes.  My husband tested me on this. He didn't believe me...  Showed me three pieces of similar clothes.  I wasn't allowed to see the price tags.  In the end one I chose THE most expensive.  Not  "Oh well it's still not too bad" but the "DAMN... never going to get your money out it kind".

Point: I kind of want to have an intervention with myself.

Do you ever have those days?

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