Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my mother's favorite holiday and due to that has a dear place in my heart.  Though it doesn't have the tinsel and bows (literally) of Christmas it does have this nostalgic and almost comfy air about it.  It make me want to pull on a comfy sweater and pajama pants and curl up for a sleepy book or some terrible Christmas movie (cause it is the holidays starting today and why not enjoy the silly of yet another made for TV movie)!  Though my does fit with a comatose that hits after you've engorged yourself on too much food but much like that terrible Christmas movie I'm going to chalk it up to whatever I want it to be and smile as if it is adorable ;)

So here is a GREAT Big Merry and fEsTiVe  Thanksgiving to you and all of yours.  May it be blessed with joy and an excessively good time!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Silly Confessions...

I  have always loved the smell of coffee.  I mean it smells amazing.  It wasn't until a few years ago that drinking it was something I was willing to even contemplate.  I feel like coffee is like pop corn.  It tastes ok but the smell is misleading to your expectations.  It is a let

down.  The smell to taste ratio just isn't correct.  That said I now drink coffee... or can it really be called coffee?  I mean... there is coffee in the sugar and creamer but...  You get the idea.

Photo brought to you by Quotes

I'm a pretty active person, mentally any way so I don't usually do caffeine cause I'm already amped: so I usually get decaf (I know all you coffee loves out there just wept silently to yourself, I both ruin great coffee with too much cream and sugar but I also bane to make it decaf!!  I'm horrible... I'm sorry).  Point to this long winded intro:  I had a meeting today in a coffee shop, as I often do... it's kind of my thing, and I made the MISTAKE of ordering a large latte.  It was delicious, amazing, I enjoyed every drop of the awesome and best price for the money coffee-ish beverage  The mistake is I forgot to order it decaf... Did you know that you can get kind of drunk off of coffee??  

I didn't.  I finished the meeting and soon there after finished what was basically a fish bowl of latte (again: AMAZING).  And I was left sitting at the table with my head buzz wondering how I was going to drive home feeling as tipsy as I ever have on alcohol.  It was crazy! I mean light headed, amped a little dizzy...I really had no idea that could happen.  Took like an hour and a half to wear off.  Lesson learned:  when ordering fish bowl sized coffee beverage make sure to say decaf like twelve times to myself so I am sure to order it that way or bring some glow sticks and have a personal rave moment!

This story was brought to you by poor decisions with Rachel.  I hope you enjoyed learning from my errors. :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Engage-ma-holidays!

I love fall.  With all the cliche I can muster I love it.  PSL included.  It has a list of wonderful things that is not limited do colder weather, changing leaves, exorbitant amounts of Pumpkin flavored items, boots and sweaters!  It also moves into the holiday seasons.

The only thing I love more then weddings are the holidays... and that's saying something cause I love weddings!

In celebration of all this love and all coming holidays I decided to do a first time ever Engagement special!

For all of you couples newly engaged, soon to be engaged or just now planning your wedding I'm running a special just for you.

From today till January 31st 2016 if you book a wedding package with me for the 2016-2018 wedding seasons then you get $200 off the package of your choosing!

EEEK!  We will see how this goes but I just couldn't keep in my holiday spirit!  So yes I am still enjoying Halloween candy as I eye the pumpkin pie and think deeply on all things peppermint... I may have a sugar issue...

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Perfection for a Small Wedding!

Light jazz floated through the crisp autumn air as I rolled into my parking spot at Barn at Valhalla's open house Sunday night.  Though many changing trees as long since relinquished their leaves some few still held up the beauty of fall in place.  Taking at vantage of the crisp afternoon and the beautiful property I took a small stroll about looking at the beautiful lake that abuts the barn before heading to the open house.

The vaulted ceilings allowed the music to circle about the room as the guests enjoyed the horderves and wine.  The wide open Barn with its dark wood floors and true rustic cabin walls fit the wooded land surrounding this wedding venue.

I'm not sure how I missed the Barn at Valhalla but I am thankful to Amy from Knots N' Such for inviting me to the open house and for the wonderful job she did with the decor and floral arrangements that night!

I while back I said I was going to start a series on wedding vendors in NC, well here is another feature.

The Barn and House at Valhalla

I fell in love with this venue for a smaller wedding, maxing out near 150 people.  The owners have put their heart into this labor of love.  After a hard year of renovations they have both the Barn and House ready for your wedding weekend.

The wonderful staff there will tell you all about all the amazing features of this wedding venue but I wanted to highlight a few that I loved while I was there.

I love that they rent the property for the weekend.  You don't just get it for a few hours on Saturday or even just the whole day.  They do a full weekend rental.  It is perfect for allowing you to have a low stress wedding.  No having to rush here or there to get things in place.  No feeling of stress to get out of your venue same day as your wedding!

Ingenious: they have multiple rooms included.  Whether you rent just the Barn or the House and Barn there are rooms built into both for whomever works for you.  It screams PERFECTION for if you have a lot of out of town guests coming in for your wedding.  Above the Barn in the loft there are a few rooms with bed and in the house there are a few rooms with beds allowing most wedding parties to be able to be accommodated onsite!  (And if you have need for more the staff will point you in the direction of some lovely bungalows near by that can help keep everyone close to the weekend of celebration!)

I ADORE the Bride and Groom suite in the House!  It is perfection. Between the amazing king tempurpedic bed, the walk in shower and hot tub there is no lack of luxury for the newly wed couple!

Wonderful:  They have the Groom Room/Man Cave downstairs in the House.  It is perfect for the groomsmen to chill out on site while the details are getting in place on the lovely ladies, cause lets be serious hair can take a while.  It is setup for hours of fun between the poker table, putting greens, Large TV and plush couch, and there is even Foosball!

Point being: this venue is literally PERFECTION for a small wedding with out of town family/guest/bridal party.  It takes all the stress away and makes for a weekend long celebration of your amazing wedding!!

But don't take my word for it jump over to their site and schedule a tour for yourself.

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

With a deep breath...

Sweatband in place as I movie montage my way to victory with some jumping rope, running up hill and downing some water, I am determined not to let myself get defeated.

Sickness came into my home and wrecked us.  A month of the sickly cloud hovering over us... I started to feel a bit like Pigpen from Peanuts only instead of dirt it was snot... I'm sorry for the visual but I'm begging for some sympathy! :D

Defeated I am a bit.  I have failed miserably at my normal business practices.  I still got all products out to clients under the promised time but social media?  blogging?  to say failure would imply some effort or action that could fail.  Abandoned. That's a fitting word.

And for that abandonment, I'm sorry to you few souls who read my silly thoughts; I should not have left you in the lurch.

This month despite still having sickness leering about I decided I needed to get back to my "guns" of sorts and get a move on!  How to start back you ask?  With my list of goals for this month of course (thanks for lofting the question in, I wasn't sure how to segway :)


  • Get active minimum 3 times a week for 30 min
  • Take a personal day to relax and revamp
  • Make sure to take time with family
  • Be careful of pies...


  • Post on Instagram 4 times
  • Post weekly on Twitter
  • Post Bi-weekly on Facebook
  • Officially book Bridal Show
  • Go to a Wedding professionals meet up

Deep breath.  These are my goals... What are you doing to push you towards your dream?  Even small steps are important!!

Live. Love. Loud.