Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Silly Confessions...

I  have always loved the smell of coffee.  I mean it smells amazing.  It wasn't until a few years ago that drinking it was something I was willing to even contemplate.  I feel like coffee is like pop corn.  It tastes ok but the smell is misleading to your expectations.  It is a let

down.  The smell to taste ratio just isn't correct.  That said I now drink coffee... or can it really be called coffee?  I mean... there is coffee in the sugar and creamer but...  You get the idea.

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I'm a pretty active person, mentally any way so I don't usually do caffeine cause I'm already amped: so I usually get decaf (I know all you coffee loves out there just wept silently to yourself, I both ruin great coffee with too much cream and sugar but I also bane to make it decaf!!  I'm horrible... I'm sorry).  Point to this long winded intro:  I had a meeting today in a coffee shop, as I often do... it's kind of my thing, and I made the MISTAKE of ordering a large latte.  It was delicious, amazing, I enjoyed every drop of the awesome and best price for the money coffee-ish beverage  The mistake is I forgot to order it decaf... Did you know that you can get kind of drunk off of coffee??  

I didn't.  I finished the meeting and soon there after finished what was basically a fish bowl of latte (again: AMAZING).  And I was left sitting at the table with my head buzz wondering how I was going to drive home feeling as tipsy as I ever have on alcohol.  It was crazy! I mean light headed, amped a little dizzy...I really had no idea that could happen.  Took like an hour and a half to wear off.  Lesson learned:  when ordering fish bowl sized coffee beverage make sure to say decaf like twelve times to myself so I am sure to order it that way or bring some glow sticks and have a personal rave moment!

This story was brought to you by poor decisions with Rachel.  I hope you enjoyed learning from my errors. :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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