Thursday, December 10, 2015

Egg-ing on the Season

The lights twinkle in the window in my silly new homemade decoration.  The chill from outside steals through the glass leaving a slight fog of condensation from the contrasting warm indoors.  My feet up, sipping a water that I wish was Egg Nog but knowing that my waistline could do with less frivolity of the seasons treats, I can't help but bask in the season.

Some years I struggle with getting into the Christmas spirit.  I know a deep breath was needed for that shocking news.  But seriously I love Christmas but even despite that love I do struggle some years.  I think I let the hustle and bustle of all the never ending list of to dos that are always lingering in adult life distract me from what is a perfect time of year to bask in all your/my blessings.

Why is adult life so filled with busy and boring? I miss the ideals of childhood filled with a fervor for fun, yet when I get a moment to play with my daughter I can't help but catch myself thinking of all the things I need to get done, lists of groceries, reminders to call or write some business associates, you name it.  How terrible is that?

Even with my knowledge of joy and envy of the splendor and innocence of childhood, all I seem to do is focus on work.  I think that is why adults can't pretend or they get themselves overwhelmed is we can't seem to disconnect.  There is always things to be done, no matter how much we do there is more that drops down on our laps.  If we keep our nose to the grindstone all we have is a ground nose.

I'm tired of my ground nose.  I would rather it be ruby from long walks with my family in the cold as we take in the beautifully festive lights or wet from what I hope will be the result of a snowball fight!  This year I made a determination that when I stop to play with my daughter that I will not allow my mind to wander, when I catch myself making my lists that I have to stop.  There are days and times when lists need to be checked off and productivity is key but there are moments to enjoy the silly antics of being  childlike with your child or if you don't have a child then childlike in your appreciation of the season.

When you pass a homeless person, hold back your questions of why or how and instead say a silent prayer, offer them a granola bar or toothbrush.  When you see a person with their hands full, open the door.  When you see a person at their whits end offer them your place in line.  Buy a stranger a coffee.  Share the joy, love and blessings you have been given!  And if you feel like you haven't any blessings then I hope that you receive some blessings from others this season or look me up that I might try and bless you!

Live. Love. Loud.

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