Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fa La LA LA Goals...

The whirling leaves dance to the ground in a splatter of color.  Cinnamon and nutmeg do a dance in my mouth eating yet another baked good I probably shouldn't but with a shrug I think "it's the holidays".

I still have childlike wonder when it comes to the holidays.  I force my husband to walk through the Christmas sections at the store more then once each holiday season.  No, I don't plan to get anything but it is such fun to see all the festive decorations!  We will drive around a few neighborhoods to see their lights while we sip our lattes.

My only issue with the holidays are they seem to go by with such speed.  I want to capture a moment and trap it in a snow globe.  I want to have that frozen in time feeling as I take in each moment of the holiday.  Even if you are a humbug usually take this season to enjoy your one and only Holiday season this 2015!

Things to admit from last month:

  • Get active minimum 3 times a week for 30 min
  • Take a personal day to relax and revamp
  • Make sure to take time with family
  • Be careful of pies...


  • Post on Instagram 4 times
  • Post weekly on Twitter
  • Post Bi-weekly on Facebook
  • Officially book Bridal Show
  • Go to a Wedding professionals meet up

December Goals

Maintain steady weekly activity
Take time to enjoy the holidays
Get all gifts before the week of Christmas!

Get all products ready for bridal show
Follow up with Wedding Planner about giveaway
Follow up about the Stylized shoot
Keep up consistency on social media

Live. Love. Loud.

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