Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rand-Bryan House

The joys of wedding planning...  you think I'm kidding but it really can be fun!  Yes, budgets and disjointed opinions can make things seem to stumble a bit but if you focus on what the event is for, your love and start of your family, it can help keep things in check/on the brighter side and all that.

Today's post is hopefully going to help with that.  It is a continuation of the previous two posts, Mims and The Barn, in highlighting local vendors/venues in hopes that it might give you some insight into what your needs are and if they fit the bill!

The Rand-Bryan House is located pretty centrally for an estate.  In Garner it allows a pretty quick commute from Raleigh or the surrounding area.  This wedding venue is great for a smaller wedding looking for a natural feel.  It has more of a standard take on rentals so if you are looking to have convenience and don't want a full weekend this might be a good fit.

The complete renovation of the interior allows for the historic feel with modern convenience.  There is a kitchen in place that could allow for finishing touches but depending on the extent of need it may not fill all that you might need, having only one stove.

The land outside the main building is the selling point at this venue.  Its wide open fields allow for beautiful views and a great place to capture your first moments.

Great for Smaller wedding looking for convenient location near Raleigh proper but with a more "spacious" feel then downtown options.

But as I always I don't suggest you only take my word on it jump on over and see if it fits your needs.

Live. Love. Loud.

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