Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reception Games

You don't go through all the busy, stress, crazy of planning a wedding just cause you want to get married but instead that you want an experience.  You want that moment.  That feeling.  That party.  You want everyone to enjoy.  You want to have a blast and you want to have it all!

One of the things that I have found that make a huge difference to the "Feeling" of a wedding/reception is the guests attitude.  Which makes sense but how to get that "feeling" ??  There are many different great ways to make sure your guests have a blast as well as yourself!

My favorite way is games!  Perfect fillers during a cocktail hour or the lull between dinner and toasts, and great for guests who are reluctant to dance.

There are loads of different options.  Lists upon lists but here are my favorites:

  • I spy
    • Think of a list of things people can spot at a reception.  Have it written up to fit your theme and have it on each wedding table
  • Guest book (have them do it at reception, like mad lip etc)
    • Take a look at a previous post about interesting takes on Guest books: many of these options happen at the reception and great filler for the cocktail hour!!
  • Scavenger Hunt
    • Write up a list of possible things guest can go and find around a reception and take a picture of them with it and then share the pictures on your wedding webstie or Facebook page!
  • Cute questions
    • Have a few questions at each table for the table to answer individually or discuss as a group.  Sample question: "What are great date ideas?" 
  •  Messages for anniversaries
    • Bottles, boxes, any number of things can hold these notes and add a bit of flair to your wedding theme.  Leave out notes on tables, or have a station during cocktail hour, where your guests can leave you notes, words of encouragement, funny statements, or inside jokes/you name it.  They write the note sign it and pick the anniversary year (the bottles/boxes/etc would be labeled) for you to read them!
  • Board games
    • If you are short of budget this can add a bit of flair to a centerpiece!  It could be Jenga, it could be bingo, it could be word searches, it could be mad libs... your options are seemingly endless!
  • Yard games
    • Having a wedding with a reception location that has some outdoor space: this is a great option!  Giant Jenga, Corn hole, Washer toss... so many options to have people mingle or keep to their own groups.
  • Giant word Search
    • A great way to get your guests to interact with each other!  Have a big board out for people to walk up and work on together.  It can be personalized word choices (many free websites can help you create a board) or you can just get one that fits your theme... 
  • He said she said
    • List of statements where your guest have to choose if "he said it" or "she said it" Example: Who was the first to say I love you?
  • Shoe game
    • The bride and groom sit in chairs backs to each other.  Each has the bride shoe in one hand and the groom shoe in the other.  Then a series of questions is asked, like "who is the better driver?" and they have to hold up the shoe to answer.  You get the picture.  The questions are written before hand so there doesn't have to be any surprises.
  • Karaoke
    • Self explanatory.  Much like a photo booth station you can have a karaoke station. 

Unrelated to games but also a really neat way to get a relaxed and hang out feel for your reception is putting up different areas in your reception.  Have your dance floor but also think about having a lounge area for reception.  The variance allows for each personality to enjoy their time!

What are your favorite things to have at wedding as a guest?  What do your wedding day pinterest pages look like?

Live. Love. Loud.

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