Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gibson House: Woodland CA: Brianna and Michael Wedding

Hearing the "story of us" from each couple is one of my favorite moments.  Hearing his side and hers.  It is nice to hear the banter of how they both see it.  With Michel and Brianna it was no different.  It was a joy to hear their story.  But even more so because as much as I am close with both of them I didn't get to hear the nitty gritty of their beginning until their wedding week!?!

Their love story begins in the hands of the amazing Sally; their mutual friend that invited them both to a dance party.   Only thing is she told Brianna about Michael but she didn't tell Michael about Brianna.  It is only fitting because Michael is as easy going as they come and Brianna is the most determined girl around.  Their contrast in personality compliments each other so perfectly it is like it was planned!  

Their time at UC Davis together allowed their relationship to grow and become something to behold.  When Brianna finished up her degree and took off for her assignment with the Peace Corp to Liberia there was no question to Michael, he was standing with Brianna, and she him.

Their long distance relationship took it's full affect and allowed them to be challenged and grow in many ways that eventually brought them to their wedding day.

Brianna was only smiles on her wedding days.  Long nights and early mornings preparing for this day would take nothing away from it being the start of their marriage.

Her sunflower engagement ring was too perfect.  Both Michael and Brianna have a joy for unique and quirky and Brianna's love of all things agricultural it seemed only fitting to have a touch of it with her always.

Brianna's soft side swept braid with comb accent was such a great choice for her and her dress!

In true Michael fashion he couldn't just do any old groomsmen gift.  It would have to be unique, a reference and something only fitting to him.  So it was commissioned and so it was done!

Brianna has nothing if not a heart of gold!  She took the time to make a special gift and letter to give to Michael on the morning of their wedding.  It was filled with small gifts each with their special reason specific for Michael and a letter so sweet that he struggled so hard but ultimately failed in his effort to avoid tears. 

Brianna's intentionality was wonderfully cohesive.  Small details to bring together a complete look.  Simple and perfect!

Gibson House was a beautiful venue and filled with fun history for the guests to enjoy! 

The breeze pulled through the sunflowers and pushed around the wide porch on their wedding day.  It was sunny but not too hot... couldn't ask for much more!

The mermaid cut sleeveless lace dress she chose was all to perfect for her!

Her bouquet of sunflowers, corn flowers and wheat was perfect for her country background and rustic heart!

Brianna and Michael chose to do a first look and I was honored to be there to capture their joy in that private moment

Brianna wanted each of her bridesmaids to feel beautiful and decided the best way to do that is for each of them to simply pick their favorite blue dress.  The complimenting and variety of colors and styles made for a wonderful collection.  It was an artisan feel and one I hope to get to capture again!

It was only fitting that the grooms"men" would find the only bar on the estate to grab a few moments of chill before the ceremony started

As you will see a trend about Brianna: she took time to make each bridesmaid a personal gift.  A handmade, by Brianna, clutch bag, she individually picked out the material for each bridesmaid to fit their own personal taste, filled with the essentials: A shot to take the edge off, a bar of chocolate for something sweet and a thing of tissues for all the love of the day.

As with all things Brianna and Michael their love and acceptance of people was present in each detail down to their desire to have people sit anywhere they would like

To watch their joy on that day... was breathtaking.  I'm ever glad to have been able to be there with them!

Everyone at the wedding was there to celebrate with laughter and a little prance around the dance floor.

Fun and quirky: their guest book was a jenga set where all the guest got to write a little note to the newlyweds.  Well wishes, proverbs, inside jokes... any number of thing can be found and enjoyed each time they break out the game!

The sun set as they danced for the first time... and yes I'll say the cheesy line here that you all want me to say, and the beautiful thing is it actually is true: but it was no where near setting on their love for each other... *cue chorus of  "Awwwwwww"

I swear Brianna's cheeks must have hurt by the end of the night because that smile didn't disappear!

It was such a joy to see the two sides of the family come together to celebrate this amazing couple!

No one was left out of celebrating this amazing day!

I love how much sheer joy was had on this wedding day!

The toasts were sounded and heart strings pulled!

One amazing moment was the mother daughter dance!  To say it was memorable would be and understatement.  To say it was adorable would be only too fitting. 

Brianna was joined by some of her very close Peace corp friends and thus began the Liberian dance time... So much joy and such fond memories relieved and captured.  Yes, I couldn't help myself but to snag a video or two of Brianna and her crew busting their moves!

Michael and Brianna:  Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of taking your photos.  It was amazing to be with you on your wedding and to be able to help you.  I will cherish that for always.  Here is to many more adventures and stories to tell!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Break the mold!

I seem to find myself in ruts.  You know what I mean?  I love new and change but I fall back into making the same foods, just taking to the couch with TV on a night I'm not sure of what to do.  It is something I don't enjoy... doing the same thing yet I find myself falling into it.

(This couple did date ideas with well wishes for their coming anniversaries instead of a standard guestbook)

It comes down to poor planning or feeling like no one is with me on the effort towards variance.  So it got me thinking about wedding planning.  We all started out wanting to make our wedding our own. "I won't be doing David's bridal for my bridesmaids"  And yet how much we end up finding out the old standbys are used for a reason.

So today's post is to encourage you to if you want to break the mold you still can even if only in small ways!

Take a guest book idea.  You don't have to go standard.  Here are a few great ideas for a change up... and I bet with your amazing creativity you might be able to come up with even better ones!!

1. Poloroid guest book

2. Puzzle

3. Mad lib

4.  Post cards

5. Love notes

6. Globe

7. Quilt

8. Jenga

So what ways will you push yourself this week?  Me, I'm getting back into healthy eating after an amazing but diet breaking weekend with the girls!  Wish me luck!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Coker Arboretum: Chapel Hill, NC: Seri and Sam Wedding

The early morning time was a perfect choice for Sam and Seri's intimate ceremony.  They made their list short and close as to get the perfect amount of people there to celebrate and rejoice with them on this amazing day.  There wasn't a person there not overjoyed at seeing Sam and Seri united.  Each did their part to make the couple feel special and congratulated.

Secular Weddings did a great job at officiating! 

They wrote their own vows.  It was so sweet to hear their personal commitments to each other.  I was really impressed at how well they made it through them... but that might be because of how much I balled at my own wedding!?

Their choice of Coker Arboretum was perfect for their love of nature and thoughts on intimacy in their ceremony.

Seri just killing it in her Anthropology wedding dress!

 The pig catering was delicious! 

They found this gem of a Bed and Breakfast on AirBnB.  It was adorable and perfect for their desire to have a day celebration were everyone could find a way to relax and celebrate.  Between the sun room over looking the late to the downstairs bar and recreation room to the dock out back every person could find their happy place!

Seri and Sam are serious about their games and Fooseball is no exception.  It was a joy to watch them crush their own tournament!

Durham Ukulele Orchestra was great fun!

Seri's choice of Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" for her father daughter dance was too amazing to recount.  I wish for everything on me that someone video taped!  To say it was adorable might be a colossal understatement!

What an amazing tradition!  A specific quilt is handmade for each new married couple!

No shock that Sugarland out did themselves with this spread!

It was amazing being able to be with you both on your wedding day.  You two are a joy to watch together.  Your tender care and consideration is something to behold.  The way that both your families came along side you and encouraged and celebrated with you was a blessing to my heart.  I am overjoyed to have been given this honor.  Thank you.

Live. Love. Loud.