Thursday, January 28, 2016

30 before 30

This year marks a milestone of sorts.  It is going to be my big 30!  

I remember as a kid thinking how old people were when they were 30... what is the saying about throwing stones???

Either way I'm crossing that bridge when I get there... even if it is screaming and kicking my feet.  So instead of throwing a tantrum I thought why not make it amazing as an excuse to cross some things off a list of always wanted to do.

So too joined all those Pinterest followers in my journey to make a 30 before 30 list.  Shocking I know, how apropos...

All the same I'm excited to take on the challenge...even as I write this my husband shakes his head.  He only does so because he has an extra year before he faces the terror or 30! :D

So here it is... my list... JUDGE AWAY!!! 

  1. Ride hot air balloon
  2. Karaoke
  3. Make my first Cheesecake
  4. See northern lights
  5. Drink with stranger
  6. Take a dance class
  7. Book? Write/publish
  8. Throw a party
  9. Plant a tree
  10. See a sunrise and sunset same day
  11. Host a Dinner Party
  12. Road trip
  13. Hike some of the Appalachian trail
  14. Read a book on a subject you had never thought of reading
  15. Learn to fold something in origami
  16. Face a fear
  17. Picnic with friends
  18. Do something silly/crazy/out of character
  19. Hit bulls eye/get better at darts?
  20. Help someone in need... I feel like one time is so little and normal but I like the idea of exterior goals I'd that makes sense
  21. Volunteer at soup kitchen
  22. Go Zipline
  23. Dance in Rain
  24. Run Barefoot
  25. Visit Wine country in NC
  26. Paint a picture
  27. Attend a fashion show
  28. Silent Dance party
  29. Take a class that is out of your element
  30. "Unplug" for 24 hours

What will you do this year to challenge you to new depths?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Words of Love

You know that moment of pure bliss.  That feeling that washes over you as you're falling in love.  The flutter in your stomach, the kind of un-comfort that makes it interesting?

I get that feeling when I'm meeting new clients.  I'm broken I know but I get all jittery and excitedly nervous.  I am excited to see what they are really like in person after talking with them about their weddings over the phone.

I love to hear about how they met, how they discovered over time they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and the proposal.  I love getting to see him make her laugh and allowing them to relax with me and capture it all.

So this is to all of you amazing couples that have allowed me this honor so far: thank you!  It is a joy to have been with you on your journey.  This is also to all those who may allow me the honor: I'm ever excited to get to know you during the process of such an amazing time in your life.  I can't wait to be fast friends and help you on the way to your perfect wedding day and even more amazing marriage!

Live. Love. Loud.