Thursday, February 4, 2016

Morrisville NC: Gaurav and Supreet: Crabtree Lake Park

It was friends at first sight for Gaurav and Supreet.  They met at school and fell into a natural friendship.  Their similar interest in medicine allowed for one of many different connecting points for them.  Gaurav described their switch from friendship to romance as forgotten, "it was as if I didn't see it happening". 

 Their natural enjoyment of each other moved smoothly towards a desire for more time and more love.  The glide to head over heels that they shared together is an example of how they work in their day to day.  Though having to straddle the distance of studying in their different specialties in different states they seem to handle it with grace and an unending love for each other.   

Supreet walking along the path, gave a quick look back at Gaurav, when I asked her if they got to see each other often.  A shy smile sprang up on her delicate face as she confessed, "We get to ever other weekend, I can't take a distance much longer than that".

It was a joy to get to meet you both and an even bigger honor to be allowed to capture your love if only for a brief moment.  I am so excited for you both as you finish up your studies this summer!

The love they have for each other was so sweet to see.

Supreet: You are a natural beauty that is breathtaking! 

He watched her every detail and she bubbled with laughter... it was sweet to watch.

Live. Love. Loud.

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