Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Adventuring Past the Pedestrian

You know that second when someone jokes and you take them seriously and then you go on an epic adventure because of that?!?

NO?  Well that's exactly what happened.  My dear friends decided on adventure and joked about us tagging along... and thus the adventure of Iceland was born!

If you get the chance to go to Iceland: DO IT!  As with all things: the pictures just don't give it justice.  There is so much there to see... to climb... to explore!  I hope to go back and do the north shore at some point for now I'm grateful for all the amazing adventures that were had.  OH TO BE BACK THERE NOW!!

Another close photographer friend of mine is going in May... I really want to drop it all and go back but so far not in my cards but I'll relive my adventures when the time comes.

The first day we arrived after the red eye flight over we adventured into Reykjavik.  The slanted streets, the cobblestone, the quaint shops... it all feeds into this overwhelming knowledge of being not in NC!  The beautiful architecture of some buildings was breathtaking.

The whole town had a coastal fishing village theme almost.  And while crime is not at all prevalent in Iceland they do seem to have some love for street art!

The most hilarious parts of the trip all came back to the GPS.  This GPS was ridiculous.  We got it from our car rental (the car did amazing on the roads, handled it all like a champ), Sad Cars, it didn't seem to know the Island at all.  Legitimately would plug in a location and it would take us to someplace different.  It didn't have towns listed that exist.  It didn't have national monuments listed.  If there was a Worst Valuable Player on this trip this GPS wins that treat.

So after our handy GPS would fail we made our way to a side of road to figure out where the deuce it had dropped us. 

One of my favorite thing about Iceland is the volatile nature of the weather!  You never know what you are going to get.  It could be literally a blizzard on minute and turn the corner and nothing.  It was a beautifully surreal situation to endeavor upon!

So much of the island seems untouched.  There aren't signs everywhere explaining everything.  More often you can chat up locals to get more information about the history of this or that.   This particular photo is one of a few that include a monument of some kind.  This is Eyjafjallajokull.  You may or may not remember the eruption of this Icelandic volcano, but it last erupted in 2010 disrupting flights and the lives of those that live on the island.  There is video and photographic documentation of the whole process for you to view at the visitors center just around the bend from the actual site!

Next stop was Bruarfoss one of what seemed like an endless supply of waterfalls in Iceland!

Photos complements of the amazing Christi Ann

The sky there never seemed to grow dull.  Every day was a new an unique compliment of sun and clouds!

One of my favorite moments on this trip was the first day.  We traveled out to try and find a bluff.  Over back roads and few close calls we made it.  The wind was astonishing and the view amazing.  I don't know if you know this about me but I'm a bit of a daredevil and loved climbing down the side of the cliff to get a different view!

One of my favorite hikes of the trip included some rock climbing up to this cave.  If I'm not pushing myself past where I feel comfortable then I'm not doing it right!  How do you really know what you are capable of if you don't push yourself!  Or at least that's my mantra!

Day after day I couldn't stop being in awe of the beauty of creation. 

We treked it out to the now fairly famous crash of this DC-3 plane crash.  It was such a neat piece of history to be seen and I'm always a sucker for a vehicle... even if it is crashed :D

No questions asked my favorite place we stayed on our AirBnB trek across Iceland.  This family farm was a joy.  The farm itself was beautiful filled with rustic and raw enough to make me want to do a shoot there but even more so was the family.  We had the pleasure of being shown around the farm and enjoying a wonderful evening with them.  Including an amazing Icelandic meal prepared by the family and then a few games afterwards!  

The view out from the amazing farm house!

They had the most wooly sheep I have ever seen!

Icelandic horses are amazing creatures and this group of them were no exception!

Yes, this is exactly what the roads looked like almost the entire trip!  They have studded/spiked tires and they are AMAZING!  I want a set for our winters! #iphonepic

Stopping by the road side to capture the most breath taking view was a daily event... the issue became getting to where you needed to go! :D

Later in the trip we made our way to Vik.  The home of the black sand beaches.  I ventured out and down the side of the rocks to find my way to stand on the beach.  A bit of scrambling and clawing got me to see views that will resonate with me for the rest of my life. #iphonepic

The beach was covered in these amazing caves #iphonepic

Truth, as I look over these pictures and write about my memories... I just want to hop a plane and go back!! #iphonepic

Where ocean meets sky.  #iphonepic

I think more than wind more than water surrounding the island there is more waterfalls there then I would have ever imagined.  

Each one had their different feel and beauty

This particular waterfall stop was my favorite.  Near the family farm we just happened across it.  No signs no flair.  We decided to take a look and it was beautiful and a great exploration which included climbing behind the water fall!

This was the view from behind the waterfall.  That hike was amazing #iphonepic

One of the days we drove up the southern coast to go to the glaciers to meet up the tour company for the ice cave tour!

Photo again compliments of Christi Ann Photography

Everything was just so blue!!

And underground river carved this out of snow and ice.  It is one of those moments when you can feel the power of water... 

The intricacy of the carvings and dimples was breath taking.

The skys are amazing... everyday every moment seems to change with a new and striking beauty!

I am ever grateful for such amazing friend and fellow photographer!  I love you my dear!

Carved on the side of the cliff is the cute little lighthouse.  Set a top a bluff over looking the expansive ocean and seemingly endless black sand beaches, the wind blew up the side of the cliff with the power to push you back.  I wanted to open my arms up and be taken up in flight by the powerful gusts.

I figured I'd share photos from my iPhone cause I was so impressed with how well it did while I was there:

The last day of adventuring brought us to Skygarfoss.  The best part of this is there is a stair case that lead to the top and if you were willing to climb over the fence and down the rock face it brought you so close to the waters edge that you could feel the mist of water against your face.  

The moment we woke the last day to leave my heart fell.  Not because I didn't have a blast or that I didn't know from the start that it was going to have to end but because it was like living in a dream.  Each moment an adventure.  Each second a new discovery.  One day, when I don't need to be stable for kids or stable for finances I will return to the adventure... only I won't let it stop.  I want to promise myself that one day I will view life like I did in Iceland: an unbounding chance of possibilities.  Allowing each day to unfold unsure of what joys it might bring.

How do you see your future?  What is your dream for your life?

Live. Love. Loud.

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