Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The struggle is real!

I do extremes really well.  Like you want someone to be excited 120% you got your girl.  You need someone to be all in I got you... moderation on the other end... IS THE DEATH OF ME!

So being all in has it's benefits it does.  But when it comes to diet it is not my friend.  I tend to eat emotionally... I'd like to say "don't we all" here but I have met you people out there well adjusted and self disciplined... you exists and the rest of us are jealous!  But for me, I break my run of good by having a cookie... but it is never A  COOKIE who can actually have just a cookie or a candy???  I sure can't.  Next thing I know I have eaten 3 then 6 and before you know it I'm rationalizing the baker's dozen because who wants to only have four cookies next time??

I know I'm a crazy person... God bless my husband for dealing with it.

But seriously?  Who invented this moderation and why can't I seem to get on board?  I can do the I will not have any mantra and keep it up but if I cave... just a bit... AHHHH  God help all the candy and cookies out there cause I'm coming for you.

Tomorrow is a new day I will keep up my hopes of being thin, trim and healthy for my 30th year!

Live. Love. Loud.

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