Tuesday, April 26, 2016

University Lake: Chapel Hill NC : Seri and Sam Engagement

Despite the rain falling the sun was determined to shine through on the afternoon I got to meet Seri and Sam.  There was no way to dampen their spirits and no way to squelch their adorable-ness.  

They exchanged looks and smirks as they told of their journey over the years, their passion for games and love for enjoying a relaxed life.

Seri's joy was contagious!  Being near Sam she couldn't help but burst out her amazing smiles.  And I fell in love with the endearing way she would pull her hand to cover her face when she just couldn't contain herself!

The admiration in Sam's face was undeniable! 

I'm so excited to have gotten a chance to meet these two amazing people!

They chose University Lake because they regularly haunt it including what will be called their first "real" date when Sam took Seri on a boat ride around the lake.  I told him he won major props in the effort of winning Seri's heart for ditching the regular movie and dinner for this romantic option for something much more him!

Their quiet enjoyment of each other was beautiful.

I cannot wait to shoot your wedding this June!  You two make an amazingly adorable couple.  Thank you for the honor of capturing your love and your day!

Live. Love. Loud.

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