Wednesday, June 29, 2016

J C Arboretum: Raleigh NC: Sam and Chris Engagement

Distance was not a factor for Sam and Chris, Sam being from Iowa and Chris from Illinois. They met in Minnesota.  They both worked at a university.  It was her job to find professors to teach and his to be that professor teaching.  From that first meeting they both enjoyed each other's company and soon determined to go out for a date.  Chris fell so quickly for Sam's intoxicating laugh and nature of joy that he was sad to admit on their first official date that he was going to move soon.  Being in education he had been offered many different opportunities to grow his craft and he had decided to take the leap over to UNC.  While great for his carrier he was sad to leave behind the beautiful soul of a woman that is Sam.  They determined quickly that distance or not they would make their love last.  Travel, distance, phone calls and Skype all played a factor but in the end they came up still in love.  Now they are reunited and overjoyed.  Both once again working together at the wonderful UNC banner they now get to plan their coming wedding from the same state!

From the moment of meeting Sam and Chris at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC,  I knew we were going to have a blast.  Their grins firmly fixed and laughter just waiting under the surface, how could we not??!?

It was so cute to watch they love for each other.  Small moments of brushed hands and knowing looks...

Not a moment seemed to lack the roll of Sam's laughter in the air!

Sam your smile and joy take my breath away!

I just know your life will be filled with joy!  How could it not with how much joy you both take from life!!

... I'm just saying you guys might just win the most adorable love birds award!

Thank you so much for the honor of being a part of such a huge step in your life!

Live. Love. Loud.

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