Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Break the mold!

I seem to find myself in ruts.  You know what I mean?  I love new and change but I fall back into making the same foods, just taking to the couch with TV on a night I'm not sure of what to do.  It is something I don't enjoy... doing the same thing yet I find myself falling into it.

(This couple did date ideas with well wishes for their coming anniversaries instead of a standard guestbook)

It comes down to poor planning or feeling like no one is with me on the effort towards variance.  So it got me thinking about wedding planning.  We all started out wanting to make our wedding our own. "I won't be doing David's bridal for my bridesmaids"  And yet how much we end up finding out the old standbys are used for a reason.

So today's post is to encourage you to if you want to break the mold you still can even if only in small ways!

Take a guest book idea.  You don't have to go standard.  Here are a few great ideas for a change up... and I bet with your amazing creativity you might be able to come up with even better ones!!

1. Poloroid guest book

2. Puzzle

3. Mad lib

4.  Post cards

5. Love notes

6. Globe

7. Quilt

8. Jenga

So what ways will you push yourself this week?  Me, I'm getting back into healthy eating after an amazing but diet breaking weekend with the girls!  Wish me luck!

Live. Love. Loud.

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