Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Carolina Stone Products Commercial Shoot : Raleigh NC

Long ago I fell in love with working with couples in love.  Walking with them through the process of their wedding day, getting to be with them in their big moment, having the honor of helping their day go smoothly... it is my joy and my love.  But a few weeks ago a close friend asked me to do a shoot for him... how could I say no.  And better yet it pulled me into a trying a new type of photography: Commercial!

It isn't my love but I did have a blast working with this group of people to showcase the amazing work of Carolina Stone Products.  If you are looking for a fantastic outdoor space that will wow all your friends and neighbors hit them up cause they do crazy amazing work!

Just take a look at this outdoor living room... I just want to have a cocktail and lounge!

Stone patio floors, bar, and kitchen... I can't tell you the jealous that seeded in my heart :D

Perfect space for hosting and enjoying life with family and friends

Just can't get over this outdoor fireplace!

The attention to detail in Carolina Stone Products work is unmistakable!

Enough space in this outdoor kitchen space for more then one person to be hard at work, or enough space for a nice cocktail lounge area!

This stone patio and stone fireplace just make me feel like an extension of living space!

I'm pretty sure I'd require my family to eat outdoors all year!!

Just in love with all this stone work!

It is crazy to me that this many pretty people are in the same family!

I'm pretty sure my husband is already trying to setup a budget for a similar space at our home

Secret: this outdoor stone kitchen might be nicer then my actual kitchen... EEEK lol

How cute are these cocktails!

Nothing was as cute as how much fun these kids had with each other

If you want to see more of their work check them out.  If you already sold by this amazing space then contact them!  I'm telling you: you won't be sorry.  Their work is amazing but their staff is even better!

Live. Love. Loud.

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