Friday, March 17, 2017

Hope Valley Country Club: Durham NC: Neijia and Mike Wedding

It was a crisp cool March day when I made my way to the Hope Valley Country Club.  Over a year of anticipation on my end and oh so much more investment and excitement on the parts of these two families.

The stark white building against the blue sky, wind cutting through and a deep breath before I made my way into the building.  It didn't take long to find the bride just had to follow the sounds of laughter.  

Family surrounding her as she got ready.  Each overjoyed for Neijia and Mike.  Each excited to play their part and make this an amazing day.

Neijia's attention to detail, whether the linked estetic of her shoes to jewery or the choice in the amazing staff at Hope Valley Country Club, was shown through the day.

The cream open backed and lace wedding gown from New York Bride of Raleigh was beautiful compliment to her soft and cascading hair as well as her flawless smile. 

Making sure to fit the tradition Neijia made sure to have her something borrowed, blue, old and new.

Her choice for colors was a wonderful example of spring and complimented her bridesmaids!  And Fallon Flowers bouquets complimented perfectly.

There was so much joy an celebration for this amazing couple.  I was overjoyed to be a part of the day.  

Nothing like grabbing a few moments with the groomsmen in their element and looking fine thanks to the help of VIP.

Flawless and radiant in their blue and aqua Alfred Angelo dresses. 

The vaulted ceilings and hard wood floors were such a beautiful setting for such a special moment to start such an amazing new family.

Neijia's son was overwhelmed with joy for his mother.  The moment when he pulled her into a hug to celebrate with her took my breath away.  Such joy and willingness to embrace his mother with joy at his new family... it was an honor to be there for that moment.

Mike and Neijia: you two are adorable and I'm so glad that you allowed me to be with you on your wedding day.  Your joy shown brightly and I enjoyed feeling the glow of your happiness. 

The chandeliers and candles everywhere allowed the glow of the room to give an air of romance. 

Their choice of classic beauty was shown throughout their reception decor, including the beautiful choice of a long straight head-table 

Alone in a crowd.  Their dance was for them and them alone.  Neijia sang softly to her love and they floated around just lost in their own moment. 

There was no shortage of toasts and blessings on this new marriage. 

Mike's dance with his mother was one of the sweetest moments.  They chose a faster song that was a song that had history for them both.  Their joy was intoxicating.  I couldn't help but want to sing and dance along with them as they took a moment to celebrate. 

Sweet and quiet their mother son dance was sweet and tender, filled with smiles and embraces. 

Suzie Q Cakes did a great job in both beauty and taste!

Everyone was ready to have fun and celebrate Mike and Neijia!

I am ever glad to have been there with you on your wedding day.  It is the best thing about my job.  Being able to stand by your side as you go through your day, taking those moments and allowing them to be held for you to recall for all the years to come!

Live. Love. Loud.

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