Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vino Oasis: Stem NC: Megan and Ryan

One of the best parts of my job is being invited in on such a special day for wonderful couples.  Not just being honored with capturing their moments but also being included in the actual celebration with the couple.

When I was invited to photograph Ryan and Megan's reception I was honored but I did understand the full impact of the honor.  If you ever meet Ryan and Megan you'll see that any and all photos of them just in full out joy and laughter is how they live their life.  They are very sweet to others and each other.  Appreciative and just really sweet.

At the reception Ryan got up with Megan at his side and made his way through one of the most touching speeches I've ever had the privileged of hearing.  He spoke of he and his bride meeting at the classes he taught and how nervous he was to teach and that he selected the "girl in the pink shirt" like he was only teaching her to help him make his way through this challenge in his life.

He went on to speak clearly about how the people that were invited impacted one or both of them individually or as a couple.  That he was honored to have each in his life.  It was touching, heartfelt and just an amazing representation of how giving Ryan and Megan are in their life.

I'm deeply honored to be able to present to you some photos from their reception for you to enjoy.

Their reception was held at this gem in Stem NC: Vino Oasis

This family is just the cutest!

The beautiful interior of Vino Oasis was so nice and wonderfully open!

The full family got in on the fun!

Delcious and diverse choices in these wonderful cupcakes from Cupcake Bar in Durham

Everyone couldn't help but enjoy themselves. And who could they not with the delicious catering of SR Catering 

World's most touching speech award goes to: Ryan and Megan!

Megan's laughter filled the air... such joy!

The built in bar is perfect and staffed wonderfully

Wonderful outdoor space at Vino Oasis was even put to good use on this rainy day!

As in true form: Megan and Ryan's dance was as cute as they are!

 Who Shot John was great, lively and enjoyed by all!

Everyone got in on the fun and who could you help it with such great music!

It was a joy to watch as everyone celebrated on the dance floor to welcome this new family!

Megan and Ryan: Thank you again for the amazing honor of being there with you!!

Live. Love. Loud.

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